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Review: STAR TREK HELL’S MIRROR Reunites Kirk With His Greatest Foe

The main aim of Hell’s Mirror is to retell The Wrath of Khan with the central roles reversed: Kirk is the aggressor and Khan the diplomat.

Scott Tipton and David Tipton Breakdown STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE – TOO LONG A SACRIFICE #1 Preview

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Too Long A Sacrifice #1 hits your local comic shop July 15, but thanks to IDW Publishing, Monkeys...

Review: STAR TREK YEAR FIVE #5 Reinventing A True Classic

The creators working on IDW Publishing's Star Trek Year Five are telling their story in such a fun and exciting way. This is Star Trek at it's best.

Review: STAR TREK YEAR FIVE #4 Evokes All The Best Original Series Memories

In Star Trek Year Five, the characters, plot, and design has that 1960’s feel about it in all the best possible ways. This comic is a joy to read,

Review: STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT Limps Towards The Final Frontier

A bland, unimaginative end to a series with real potential. Unfortunately, Star Trek The Q Conflict promised more than the writers could delivery.

Review: STAR TREK THE Q CONFLICT #5 Can’t Find The Space It’s Set In

Star Trek The Q Conflict has wavered from the beginning. It is a great concept drowned by characters and has limited space in which to tell a story.

Review: STAR TREK YEAR FIVE Is Destined To Be A Classic

It is only two issues in but Star Trek Year Five from IDW Publishing is already shaping up to be a classic Star Trek comic,


Star Trek The Q Conflict issue 4 has finally found a story worthy of such a momentous crossover of characters

Review: Continuing The Mission In STAR TREK YEAR FIVE

Continuing their line of Star Trek comics, IDW Publishing asks the question, “What happened next?” In their new offering, Star Trek Year Five, the...
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