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Reg E. Cathey

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Why You Should Catch Up on OUTCAST in Time for the Season 2 Debut July 20th

If you didn't watch the fantastic first season of Outcast, there's still time to rectify things. It's available in solid (DVD) form and digitally,...

Review: LUKE CAGE Season 2 Sets The Standard For Other Marvel Shows

Outstanding performances from the cast plus a well-crafted narrative which weaves in themes that are both compelling and socially relevant reaffirm that Luke Cage is Marvel's best television show.

‘Fantastic Four’ (2015) Retrospective Review – What Went Wrong?

Fantastic Four is a tough nut to crack for Hollywood. Despite two previous attempts, the team has yet to strike gold as a movie...

Fantastic Four REVIEW: New “FF” Film Falls Far From Fantastic

Sorry, True Believers, but it looks like 20th Century Fox has done it to the "First Family of Comics" once again. Their latest effort to...
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