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INTERVIEW: Mharz Talks About CHAMPS Comic

The great thing about a medium like webcomics is it can be used for anything, and any story, and that’s precisely what our interviewee of the day has done with Champs. Mharz joins us today from the Philippines to talk about her webcomic, which follows a lesbian boxer as she pursues a fellow ring fighter who’s won her heart.

INTERVIEW: Melissa Capriglione and Clara W. on FALCONHYRSTE

Webcomics come in all colors, and Melissa Capriglione and Clara W.’s collaboration project Falconhyrste is a dazzling array of them. From bright blues and pinks to a diverse set of skin tones and vibrant expressions, the fantasy webcomic makes a point of popping off the page.

Queer Characters in Jeph Jacques’ QUESTIONABLE CONTENT

Ever since 2012, there's been a dramatic shift when it comes to queer characters - there's slowly more and more of them in TV shows, movies, books, but most prominently in webcomics.

Millenials and Digital Comics: What Makes Webcomics Important?

Webcomics, as a medium, are pretty young. The first online comic (according to T. Campbell) was Hans Bjordahl's Where the Buffalo Roam in 1991, and...

Five Webcomics Featuring Asexual Characters And Issues

Webcomics have made massive strides in representation all across the board, and asexuality is no exception. Asexuality - being sexually attracted to nobody or...

Review: ‘Dumbing of Age’ Book Four: Amazi-Girl is Always Prepared For Anything

By Dumbing of Age Book Four, the main cast has been established, the tone has been set, and the status quo is settling into place. It...

Review: The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

There are 3500 miles of road between Berkeley and Providence, and the titular TJ and Amal banter, bicker and drive across every inch of...

Review: ‘Dumbing of Age’ Book Three: Your Stupid Overconfidence Is Nostalgic

Dumbing of Age Book Three continues to expand the comic's cast and plot arcs, and introduces its most serious storyline yet. The third book is called Your...

Review – Les Normaux by JJ and Al

Paris is the city of love, but in JJ and Al's webcomic Les Normaux, it's a city of monsters, too. A boy named Sebastien moves to...