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Review: INCREDIBLES 2 Shines A Light On The Heroic Deeds Of Parents

Brad Bird's Incredibles 2 is a fantastic mix of eye-popping animation and a storyline which will resonate with families around the globe. 

Review: YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE Is Brilliant Brutality On Display

Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here is a delicious dark dose of originality accented by a narrative rife with violence, loneliness, and trauma.

Review: A QUIET PLACE Will Give You The Best Nightmares

A Quiet Place is deftly written, masterfully staged, and a beautifully shot film which oozes with intensity while leaving audiences exhausted from the ordeal.

Review: READY PLAYER ONE Is A Beautifully Flawed Experience

The adaptation of Ernest Cline’s post-apocalyptic novel Ready Player One is a spectacular display of visual artistry oozing with enough pop culture references to leave audiences delighted. While the film action sequences are simply electric, the narrative only glosses over some pretty broad declarations leaving director Steven Spielberg’s latest release shockingly flawed.

Review: TOMB RAIDER Is A Boring Version Of The Game And That’s All

Poor writing and listless action sequences are just some of the reasons why the latest attempt at rebooting Tomb Raider is doomed for failure.

Review: A Wrinkle In Time Is A Cosmic Trip Worth Taking

A Wrinkle In Time suffers from the unrealistic expectations of critics expecting director Ava DuVernay to deliver a film on par with Selma. Not every movie has to be perceived by critics as being “Oscar” worthy.

Review: ANNIHILATION Will Obliterate Your Senses

Alex Garland’s Annihilation is a dazzling delirious dose of science fiction that will leave audiences baffled yet begging for more. This release is one which will stir up debate long after it has released digitally. Some who purchase a ticket might get the urge to get a refund after 15 minutes, but those who are patient will be rewarded with quite a payoff.

Review: Well … At Least We Are 50 SHADES FREED From This Misery

James Foley’s Fifty Shade Freed is yet another example of a franchise that’s been around too long. When the first film was released in 2015, the audience at least was filled with anticipation about how far the adaptation would push the envelope.

Review: 12 STRONG Honors Those Who Fight For Us All

Some movies are meant to merely entertain. Some are intended to push our perception of societal norms. Then there are a select few releases...