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Mike Henderson

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Interview: NAILBITER: RETURNS With Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson

Nailbiter: Returns #1 hit your local comic book shop early this month and issue two drops July 1, thanks to Image Comics, Monkeys Fighting...

NAILBITER RETURNS #1 – Back to Buckaroo

Sixteen serial killers have been birthed in Buckaroo, Oregon. Then came the Butcher in Black, Officer Vaughan, Agent Barker, the Devil Killer, and The...

DEAD MAN LOGAN #1 Review: The Beginning Of The End

It's been a long and enjoyable run with our adamantium-laced, grey-haired grump. Dead Man Logan #1 starts the final leg of his story. With the original Wolverine back in action, it was only a matter of time.

DAREDEVIL #605 Review: No Horsin’ Around

DAREDEVIL #605 written by Charles Soule, art by Mike Henderson, colors by Matt Milla, and letters by Clayton Cowles charges onto our comic racks this week as Daredevil leads New York into the final showdown against the Beast and the Hand. It’s time for Daredevil to finally get off his high horse and take his city back. Let’s jump in!

Review: Daredevil #604- Enter the Dragon

The Kingpin of Queens returns while Matt Murdock gets help from an ancient Order of Dragons all in this week’s issue of Daredevil.