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DAREDEVIL #605 written by Charles Soule, art by Mike Henderson, colors by Matt Milla, and letters by Clayton Cowles charges onto our comic racks this week as Daredevil leads New York into a showdown against the Beast and the Hand. It’s time for Daredevil to finally get off his high horse and take his city back. Let’s jump in!




Review daredevil 605

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Escape from New York

The issue opens with Soule showing the reader that Daredevil, Father Jordan, and the Order of the Dragon were able to escape the Beasts hordes and appear to be hiding out in some convenient store. They are all licking their wounds while the Hand surrounds the building with dozens of ninjas.

Meanwhile back at City Hall, Wilson Fisk storms into his old office demanding his job back from Foggy Nelson. That doesn’t last long because Fisk topples over, like a sack of warm gravy, totally unconscious.

Review daredevil 605

The Pony Express

Daredevil rallies the Order and they charge out the store in hopes to work their way to the NYPD Stables to steal the Mounted Officers horses. Giving the Order the higher ground, Daredevil leads an assault on horseback cutting a swathe through the Hand and heads back to City Hall where we find the Beast asking for Blindspot.

It turns out; this is all happening because Blindspot made a deal with the Beast to gain enough power to beat the Muse. But, when the Beast came to collect, Blindspot said “no thanks!” So, the Beast is merely collecting his debt. Soule ends the issue with a showdown at City Hall. Foggy calls in some favors from Spider-Man, Elektra, and the Defenders to help out.

Review daredevil 605

Episode 4…

In the end, Daredevil jams a glowing broadsword into the Beast, and he disappears like a nasty fart in the wind. Soule cuts to Matt Murdock stepping down for Fisk only if he promises to stop pushing his anti-vigilante agenda. BUT, on the last page, Daredevil overhears Wesley talking to Fisk about fixing the Mayoral Election.

Review daredevil 605

The Visuals

The art by Henderson was impressive throughout the panels that weren’t very busy. The beginning of the issue with Foggy and Fisk talking OR the close-up shot of the Beast was done so well. However, when the action scenes were revving up, the detail of the characters in the fights seemed rushed and lacking in specific features. Henderson’s close up shots of characters as well as larger images and splash panels were spot on with detail. It seemed that the busier the page; the hazier and rushed the sequences looked.

The color choices Milla used were well done. Even though he chose similar colors throughout, like greens and grays, Milla used different shades of those colors nicely to make the scenes still appear dark and troublesome yet distinguishable between the characters. And, the lettering by Cowles was a great touch. When Matt Murdock listens through the wall at the end of the issue, he makes the word balloon look almost see through. OR, when the Beast would talk, the words and the balloons were jagged and made to look eerie. In the end, these little extra nuggets add so much to the story.

Review daredevil 605

Feeling Fisky

Did anyone think that Wilson Fisk indeed won the election fairly? Come on! No one elects a rich millionaire who’s never held a political position before AND has done tons of shady and unspeakable things to an office position… Who does that?

More Defenders Less Kenobi

Soule, what was up with the glowing broadsword? Father Jordan even hints at it, but nothing ever comes from it. Is this playing a role later in the story? If it doesn’t come up again or show any importance, it seemed kind of silly and a waste. Also, there was too much focus on the Order and not enough on Daredevil, Spidey, and Elektra. In the future, give the readers more action with the home run hitters. The last issue was the Order of the Dragons issue, 605 should have been more Daredevil and the Defenders!

Lastly, the ending was a bit disappointing. One jump with one glowing sword through the chest and the Beast disappears like Ben Kenobi fighting Vader in Episode 4. That’s not a fight. A story that involves multiple issues and a massive lead up to an ending needs something a bit more than one stab.

Review daredevil 605

Should you get this issue?

Sure. This issue was only a couple ”bucks.” Plus, Soule always brings “unbridled” enthusiasm to his writing, especially Daredevil. So if you’re reading this review and are on the fence, this issue wasn’t a good place to jump in, BUT the next issue begins a new arc and a new place to join up and “rein” it in! 

Should you add this to your pull list?

You bet! “Pony Up” and jump on board. Soule has a great “stable” of talent working on this book, and there is no better time to pop in.  I know Fresh Start is kicking off, but it’s not time to put this book “in the pasture” yet.

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daredevil-605-review-no-horsin-aroundDAREDEVIL #605 written by Charles Soule, art by Mike Henderson, colors by Matt Milla, and letters by Clayton Cowles charges onto our comic racks this week as Daredevil leads New York into a showdown against the Beast and the Hand. It’s time for Daredevil to...