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Lost in Space

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Geekflix – Top NETFLIX Picks For April 2018

These are the 10 tiles coming to Netflix in April 2018 which you need to check out.

Trailer: ‘Lost in Space’ – The Family Star Trek

Netflix released the full trailer for Lost in Space, the reboot of the popular 1960s sci-fi TV series created by Irwin Allen. If it...

Netflix Drops The First ‘Lost In Space’ Reboot Trailer

Other than a few casting announcements, we've not heard much about Netflix' reboot of Lost In Space...until now. Also Read - ‘Netflix’ prepares to get ‘Lost in...

‘Netflix’ prepares to get ‘Lost in Space’

Danger Will Robinson! Netflix, in an never ending attempt to bring better programming to the masses has decided to reintroduce a classic TV series...