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Longbox Legends: SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #14 Showed Us Spidey At His Limit

SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #14, published back in February 2017, takes place in the midst of writer Joe Kelly's Itsy Bitsy storyline. But unlike most mid-act story...

What Was The Funniest Part Of SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1?

SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1, originally released on January 06, 2016, began one of the best team-up series in recent comic history. Written by Joe Kelley and...

Review: The New Starbrand Is Revealed In AVENGERS #29

The long-awaited revelation of the new Starbrand's identity arrives in AVENGERS #29, hitting comic book stores on Wednesday, January 15th. After the Avengers sped...

AVENGERS #6 Review: Earth’s Mightiest Infection

Planet-sized Iron Man Armor, giant-sized She-Hulk and Thor, a dead Celestial possessed by Ghost Rider, and a cure that needed to age for millions...

AVENGERS #5 Review: The New Origin

AVENGERS #5 story by the spectacular Jason Aaron, with art by Paco c, inks by the thorough Juan Vlasco, Mark Morales, and Karl Story, colors...

AVENGERS #4 Review: My Favorite Mistake

AVENGERS #4 story by Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, and Ed McGuinness, inks by Juan Vlasco & Mark Morales, colors by David Curiel, and letters...

AVENGERS Still Not Fully Assembled In Issue #3

Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #3 sees the team get closer to fully forming, but still not there yet. The mysteries of Marvel Legacy #1 are still unraveling as Loki takes Captain America for a ride.

AVENGERS Showing A Different Side Of Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness are ushering in a new era of Avengers. Between the Free Comic Book Day issue and Avengers #1, the table is set. Avengers #2 gets the ball rolling and the team more assembled.

Review: AVENGERS #1 Jason Aaron Hasn’t Found His Avengers Groove Yet

Avengers #1 is the token number one issue to tie-in with the latest film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is one of the pros and cons of how big the MCU has become.