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Supermansion, the Crackle original series, will spook viewers this Thursday with a new holiday special. ‘Drag Me to Halloween‘ is a half-hour episode that lampoons the horror genre. The one-off episode follows the League of Freedom, a super team, trying to enjoy the holiday. The night then devolves into failed hook-ups, trick-or-treating, and a robot exorcism. It’s a zany half-hour special with some quality humor, perfect for October viewing.

‘Drag Me to Halloween’ crams a lot of horror parodies into a single special. The episode’s cold open takes a crack at nearly every classic horror film. There isn’t much focus on the team’s heroics, but that’s par for the course. Supermansion did a similar special, ‘War On Christmas,’ last year. The series is a superhero parody first and foremost, but it always takes on broader parody as well. ‘Drag Me to Halloween’ isn’t the most focused caped crusader comedy, but it’s got some great jokes.


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The series is a lot like Robot Chicken, another stop-motion comedy from the same production company. The similarities are clear, from the stop-motion animation to the pop culture references. It wouldn’t be surprising if the next Supermansion special takes on Star Wars like its parent show. While the series usually focuses on superhero-related jokes, ‘Drag Me to Halloween’ broadens the scope for wider parody. The special walks the line between Supermansion and Robot Chicken, casting a wider net for its comedy.

What makes the show a standout is its phenomenal voice cast. The voice cast is full of amazing performances by top-notch actors. Supermansion stars Bryan Cranston as Titanium Rex, the aging superhero struggling to keep his team in order. Supermansion also features Keegan-Michael Key as American Ranger, and new SNL cast member Heidi Gardner as Cooch. Other regular cast members include Zeb Wells, Tucker Gilmore, and Jillian Bell. ‘Drag Me to Halloween’ has a stacked cast that make the episode pop.


‘Drag Me to Halloween’ airs this Thursday, October 5th. The special features Lake Bell and Phil LaMarr, along with the cast of series regulars. You can watch the first two seasons of the show, as well as last year’s Christmas special, for free on Crackle.

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