‘Superman Reborn’ Aftermath Speculation

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With Action Comics #976 being released, so ends the Superman Reborn arc. The adventures of Clark Kent and his family have undoubtedly been some of the strongest books to come out of DC Rebirth thus far. It seems now the Kent family can officially settle in thanks to the Superman Reborn aftermath.

**Major Spoilers Lie Ahead**

Superman Reborn cvr

Mxyzptlk tore the Kent family apart and left it up to Jon to fix them. Through the sheer power of love, Jon helped his parents merge their Pre-52 selves with their New 52 selves and solidified the Rebirth Lois & Clark.

What does this mean for the Kents going forward? This could allow them to come out of hiding for the most part. Lois and Clark can both work for the Daily Planet without that pesky fake Clark roaming around. Does that mean their marriage is public?

Superman Reborn splash

Looking at the beautiful page above, it appears that not only is their marriage public, but Jon’s existence as well. At least Perry and Jimmy know about Jon Kent. Which is a pretty significant change for Superman comics given that the family’s secrecy was a major element thus far.

This also allows them to drop their fake name, going public as the Kents. It’ll be interesting to see how writers Dan Jurgens (Action Comics) and Peter J. Tomasi (Superman) put these puzzle pieces together moving forward.

With all these new questions, at least one thing is for certain. By merging the two Supermen together, and being reborn into the true Superman of DC Rebirth, we got a new costume. Clark’s new duds are more of a return to former glory. Ditching the blue boots and weird belt, Superman looks more traditional than ever. All he’s missing is the red underwear!

Superman Reborn costume

What did you think of Superman Reborn? What changes are you looking forward to the most for the Kent family? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. DC screwing up everything again, and screw the people who want red underwear again you guys are pathetic and weird. All you guys wanna make me cry because real superman fans who are tired of other superhero fans, including batman fans, talking shit about Superman, wanted him to improve. The New 52 was the best thing that ever happened and stupid DC comics and stupid wannabe superman fans/ superman fans who are boring, took that away from us. You guys are shitheads, now people are gonna come back and say “Oh look superman in bright color spandex, or look superman is back in his stupid underwear on the outside which is creepy, look the superman who is tooooooooo bright who smiles too much and so on and so forth! New 52 did a fantastic job putting superman with an actual armor, not to make him look less invulnerable, but to make him look like a real fighter/warrior going to battle and to be more serious, not some guy going to a costume party. Also to put Superman and Wonder Woman together was the best, they were soon close to getting married and having kids and then that was taken away from us, only to go back to the same, everyday, boring superman and lois lane relationship. The only thing DC did good with rebirth was the wrist part on the suit that was all. The Man Of Steel outfit is cool, could make an adjustment to make it look more like armor, but other than that it’s great. You guys know nothing only that you want superman to be/look like a fool.

  2. I think they’ll keep the death of that superman as a major point, because is due that that Lex behaves the way he does now, is due the new 52 superman that a lot of the status quo of the characters changed, and although they end up being the same the new 52 superman did make big sacrifices that would not be fair to just have rewritten, don’t get me wrong this is MY superman the pre flashpoint sups is the one I grew up with the one married to Lois, the one that had his Ma Kent still alive, having then mixed to give us the Lois and Clark couple again is on my book great, but I still that they should respect that legacy feeling by acknowledging the accomplishments of the gone new 52 superman

  3. I love it! Lois and Clark married, their son Jon, now everything fits, but there is the question of Clark Kent and Diana Prince’s relationship during the New 52, what will happen then? But I still LOVE that the Kents can be in public again, now the only one with 2 lives is Clark Kent/Superman

    • Back to how it used to be! Jon has been quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I think Diana is aware that the Superman she was with has died and this Clark is from a different universe.

  4. DC always make a lie to reader, spend almost few years to write The New 52 Superman, then just use 7 books to kill him, then bring back the (old) Superman to Rebirth saga. But how can these writer to make this worst story (Superman Reborn) to say two Superman mix together to born a New Superman to end the storyline of New 52 Superman.

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