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This is the conclusion of a crossover between Super SonsTeen Titans, and Superman. If you haven’t read the review for part three, click here.

The final battle for Superboy’s life is about to begin. What started seven against one has turned into three groups, each with their own goals. The Future Tim Drake, now dubbed as Savior, leads Beast Boy and Raven to “subdue” Jon. Next, we have the Teen Titans protecting the Super Sons as they head to the Fortress of Solitude. Last, we have the unexpected Titans of Tomorrow, consisting of Superman Conner Kent, Wonder Woman Cassie Sandsmark, and Flash Bart Allen. These heroes know Tim Drake’s actions could cause disruptions to the timestream, so they seek to stop him. Will the heroes stop Savior’s plan to kill the Boy of Steel or will Jon fall?

Super Sons of Tomorrow Conclusion


After the Teen Titans find Damian and Jon at the secret Super Sons base, they take the duo to the Fortress of Solitude. They hope that Superman will be able to stand against Savior, however, he is still kept in the trap laid for him back at the beginning of the arc. To prepare his son for the coming attack of Savior, Superman has Aqualad break the ice under the trap and fake his own death. This ultimately causes Jon to freak out, activating the Super Solar Flare power from the last issue. This causes all three groups to work together to stop another explosion.

This issue’s biggest problem is only clear when reading through the entire issue: the pacing is way too fast. An entire story that could have been two fantastic issues are condensed into one rushed issue. The Titans reunite with Damien, go to the force of solitude, find Superman, fake Superman‘s death, and stop the Superboy explosion in a matter of a single issue. The pacing of the issue causes the interactions to feel extremely awkward. Three heroes from the future just appear and nobody asks who they are! They just pop in and help contain the solar flare.

It feels as if they had to wrap of the story arc in the span of four issues. It says “to be concluded in Super Sons #12,” but everything that has happened in this issue feels like the actual ending to the arc. The problem is solved and heroes are left wondering “what’s next,” as most crossovers end. If anything, Super Sons #12 is going to be an epilogue, which could possibly redeem this issue. As it stands, however, this was a poor way to end the story.


While the story has flaws, the art is a nice step up from the previous part. Ed Benes teams up with Sergio Fernandez Davila to pencil the finale, and it looks great. It is able to capture the art styles of all three series and mesh them together to form one fantastic looking book. The colors of Gabe Eltaeb and Dinei Ribeiro go hand-in-hand with the pencils. With the work of both teams, the art just pops off each page beautifully. If there’s any reason to pick up this book, it would be to see this fantastic art first hand.


This wasn’t a good conclusion. It’s extremely rushed and fails to show the weight of what has happened. If each series had an extra issue to explore the world Savior and the Titans of Tomorrow come from, as well as stretch out this issue, this might have been a passable arc. As it stands, while a pretty story to look at, The Super Sons of Tomorrow has fallen flat.

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superman-38-review-super-sons-tomorrowWhile beautiful to look at, The Super Sons of Tomorrow arc rushes to an unsatisfying conclusion to its story.