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This issue of Suicide Squad is action packed with a surprisingly fun team-up.

This recent story arc of Suicide Squad sees a team-up many would have never seen coming: Batman and Deadshot. Recently, the villain Kobra has kidnapped Zoe Lawton, Deadshot’s daughter, to use her as a sacrifice. Batman catches wind of this and breaks Deadshot out of Belle Reve to go after her. The two proceed to go on a hunt for information, all the while the  Suicide Squad chases after them. After clearing a town, the pair finds themselves surrounded by Kobra’s half-snake, half-man minions. How will Batman and Deadshot get out of this?

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**Some Spoilers Below**


Batman and Deadshot work together to take down the small army of Kobra with one astonishing fight scene. Although constantly bickering, the two characters get a chance to show off their skills against dangerous opponents. After defeating the last minion, Deadshot shoots one of them in the head, angering Batman. The pair gets into an argument, which turns into an all-out brawl. While these two bicker, however, Kobra begins final preparations for his ritual to bring back the original Kobra. He plans to use Zoe as a vessel for the spirit of Jeffrey Franklin Burr, but another member of the cult plots against him.

Suicide Sqaud #48

I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as I had in this issue. The past few arcs have been darker and focused more on character development for the Suicide Squad. It feels nice to have a comic that has the characters fighting an evil organization without character development eclipsing the fun. There are great character moments, especially with the comparing of morals between our lead characters. While it is apparent he’s doing it for the right reasons; Batman calls out Deadshot on his killing ways. Lawton retorts by calling out all the criminals Batman lets live, causing trouble for Gotham. These two being on the opposite ends of the moral spectrum makes this team-up so interesting, and I can’t wait to see more.


We have two illustrators penciling this issue, and they make a helluva team. Philippe Briones covers the first half of the book where the battle with Kobra occurs, while Hugo Petrus covers the second. The detail in the characters are top notch, down to the shine in Deadshot’s armor. The art transitions between the two artists so flawlessly, I forgot there were two different artists. The masterful colorwork of Hi-Fi caps off this issue with enough color to pop every shot off the page.

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Overall, this was a solid issue of Suicide Squad. It had great action with the epic team-up of Batman and Deadshot. It has great character as those same characters have a throwdown with their morals. All of this is presented with fantastic art from an art team that knocked it out of the park. It’s a great issue, and you won’t regret picking it up.

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suicide-squad-43-reviewThis team-up between Batman and Deadshot is a lot more fun than expected.