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To say that the last arc for Suicide Squad was disappointing would be putting it lightly. While it had a strong opening, it devolved into a boring tale that would sooner cut plot lines than answer them. It had its moments, but the arc is best left in the past. Before we get to Rob Williams’ next big arc, we have a smaller arc written by Simon Spurrier. Will it be good or are we in line for more disappointment?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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The opening of the two-part story follows Juan Soria. Never heard of him? That’s because he is one of the unknown members of the Suicide Squad. One of the members who have a higher chance of dying on the mission.  We follow his origin of how he came to America, got his power, and was ultimately sent to Belle Reve. His first mission with the squad involves quelling an alien attack that popped up at an amusement park. Kind of hard to fight aliens when your power is to unlock any door!

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The story itself is both sad and a bit humorous. You watch Juan’s life go by and you really end up feeling bad for him. He wanted to grow up and be a superhero, but the day he got powers, it was one of the lamest powers ever. This leads to why it’s funny as well: Juan’s ineptitude. He has no form of combat training and basically stumbles throughout his misadventure. I found myself chuckling out loud at some of his sillier moments.

It’s also humorous to see Spurrier take a jab at the ‘dangerous side’ of the Suicide Squad. Despite the name, it’s obvious none of the main characters will die. The two that have died (Boomerang and Flag) return an arc or two later. This is how it’s always been since the first issue of John Ostrander’s original run in 1987. Only the c-list characters with lame powers are on the chopping block when it’s time to die. Due to this, it’s interesting to see the point of view of one of these c-listers on their mission.

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When it comes to the art of this issue, there are many great facets of it. The pencil work of Fernando Pasarin provides interesting character designs that range from silly to terrifying. One moment you’re laughing at Juan’s reaction to being thrown in with aliens then scared stiff by Croc eating one in gory detail. Despite this, the color work of Blond comes off average at best. There isn’t anything wrong with it, but compared to the pencils, this could have gone above and beyond.

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I like this issue. I enjoy the character of Juan and the humor he provides. The art is fantastic to look at and imaginative as well. Overall this was a great issue to read after the last arc. It is a fun opening to lighten up the series once again.

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suicide-squad-33-reviewThe story of Juan Soria is a surprising, fun ride in the world of Suicide Squad.