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How do you bring back the original Suicide Squad? A plot involving zombie robots, a giant alien dinosaur, and a space station. Sound bizarre? Welcome to the Suicide Squad. This current story arc has brought the original Task Force X back into DC’s main continuity. Their mission was to protect the Earth from alien threats, which lead them trapping the final threat, The Red Wave, inside the moon. Knowing they would need assistance, they issued a distress call to the modern day Suicide Squad. After they reach the moon, despite their attempt to assist, The Red Wave is released and begins to control the Squad. How will the Squad save the world if they’re being controlled by a monster?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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At the end of the last issue, Harley had found a portal to the Phantom Zone with Rick Flagg Jr. trapped on the other side. Apparently, when the Red Wave was released, it destabilized the portal, causing it to expand with every passing moment. It sucks in the mind-controlled Flagg Sr. who meets his grandson for the first time. He requests that the Squad saves Karin as well as the world. Flagg Jr. agrees and flies off to join his team once again.

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If this entire plot was a convoluted way to bring back Rick Flagg Jr into the Suicide Squad, then: Congratulations, Mission accomplished! Does that make it good? Absolutely not. Up until the last issue, we didn’t even know that there was a Phantom Zone projector in the base where the Red Wave Monster was. It honestly feels like Rob Williams was told to take two passable storylines and make them into one. We not only have a telepathic dinosaur on a crash course with Earth but a growing black hole. It’s ridiculous and entirely unnecessary.

There were also “emotional” moments littered throughout that didn’t feel earned. One example is the ghost of King Faraday saying goodbye to Karin Grace. Throughout the backup comic at the end of every issue, we were supposed to get this sense of romance between them. Knowing that Karin, however, only went up to space for Rick (going as far as saying she would die for him), this moment is rendered pointless. Nearly all the moments that were forced in felt like this, which drags the issue down even more.


While I am glad to see the art improve since the first chapter, it is average at best. There isn’t any part that stands out from other comics. If there is anything that stood out, it would have to be The Red Wave Monster. The redesign of the monster looks unique but still captures the nostalgia of the original appearance.


Another week, another unnecessary chapter of this story arc. The only thing accomplished of note in this chapter is the return of Flagg Jr. This would be more exciting if it wasn’t shoehorned in so poorly. The art is average, the story is average, and we have one more chapter to get through. Hopefully, there is something next issue that sends me over the moon (pun intended).

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suicide-squad-31-reviewDespite the return of a former Squad member, this storyline continues to drag at the penultimate issue.