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Another week brings us another chapter in the Suicide Squad’s adventure in space. Rick Flagg Sr., the original leader of the Suicide Squad, requests the modern day Squad for help. An alien known as The Red Wave has been locked away on the moon by the original squad, growing stronger by the decade. Flagg leads the squad into the moon to stop it, coming upon aliens spawned from this monster. While the Squad fights the aliens, Harley realizes a horrible truth– Flagg was being controlled by The Red Wave. He came to RELEASE it and allow it to come back to Earth. Now the Squad is face to face with a giant, Godzilla-esque alien that can control minds.

While I’ve enjoyed this story so far, there have been times it dragged on. I love how the story has been able to reincarnate the original Task Force X into the modern day, but it had very little action to keep the story lively. With the monster now loose, we will finally get some action from the squad. Will it liven the story though?

Squad in Space

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**Some Spoiler Below**


The action the modern day squad is known for has finally made it into Space. The Red Wave Monster goes up against Katana and Killer Croc as Harley tries to face Flagg. While the fight against the Red Monster is amazingly illustrated, albeit one-sided, the fight of Harley and Flagg is not. When Harley tries to fight Flagg, he uses a remote Harley’s bomb, but it gets old after being used several times. The entire fight is the equivalent of pushing a remote several times. It isn’t as if the squad has a character that specializes at throwing objects at long range that could break the remote. *cough* Captain Boomerang *cough*.

Harley's brain bomb

While the action can be fun, it fails to hide the shortfall of the issue: the story doesn’t progress. The plot barely moves as all that happens is the fights on the Moon and the Red Wave heading out towards the base. This could have taken place in three pages, but instead finds a way to drag it out across the whole issue.


The art wasn’t anything special. While the art has improved since the beginning of the story arc, there isn’t anything that stands out. The flashback comic still has the classic feel, but even that is becoming dull.

Karen and Argus


The storyline isn’t making any real progress the past two issues, but it’s more clear here. While the action is fun to see, as well as the Red Wave Monster, it doesn’t save the issue from feeling sluggish. Even the art has begun to grow dull, as nothing extraordinary stands out. We have two issues left of this story arc and all I hope for is for it to end strong.

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suicide-squad-30-reviewDespite the much-needed action, the story has come to a crawl, growing dull with every passing page.