Monkeys Fighting Robots

Stranger Things 2 is at the top of the pop culture pyramid right now. Most fans probably binged it over this past weekend, coming out of a loving haze feeling like they just actually escaped The Upside Down. So what do you do now (other than rewatching it of course)? Where do you get your nostalgic look at kids encountering and adventuring into the supernatural and unknown? Well if comics are your thing (and if they aren’t what ARE you waiting for?) then check out the following three comic book series that will help curb your jones until the Duffer Brothers and Netflix inadvertently take us back to Hawkins, hopefully by next year!

You can find all these books at your local comic book shop.

1Paper Girls

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chiang
Publisher: Image Comics
Paper Girls is one of the biggest hits Image Comics has had in years and has become one of the most widely read comics by newer readers. The story starts simply: a group of bicycle riding pre-teens investigating a slowly building, eerily strange threat in their town.  Pretty soon there is time travel, aliens, monsters and even alternate dimensions. Oh, and it also starts and takes place mostly in the 1980s. The book eventually gets pretty wild and goes in very unexpected places. It also has some of the strongest and unique young and female characters in any medium. It’s definitely worth checking out!