What Storylines Could The DCEU Nightwing Film Adapt?

Yes, Nightwing is coming to the DC Extended Universe. Last Thursday, Warner Brothers announced Chris McKay will direct the film with Bill Dubuque on script duty.

As it stands, the film is in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No start date is in the works. Nor is there a projected release date.

This brings to mind one question- what DC storylines will the DCEU adapt?

Here are a few possibilities.

Nightwing: Year One

Nightwing comic storyline film

A good place to start would be Nightwing: Year One. The story covers Dick’s last crusades as Robin and how he fell out with Bruce. Upon leaving Wayne Manor, he tries to find his way in the world. Realizing he has grown up, Dick takes on the mantle of Nightwing.

A Knight In Bludhaven

Nightwing storyline comic film adapt

Chuck Dixon’s run on the Nightwing series is one of the character’s best. In the first story arc, Dick moves to Bludhaven to investigate a murder. From there, he decides to rid the city of crime. This would make a great film trilogy.

Officer Grayson

Nightwing comic police storyline film

This story arc would make for a compelling film. Dick decides to root out corruption by joining the police force. The idea of Nightwing being a cop is interesting, because he would be fighting a war on two fronts.

Nightwing VS The Court Of Owls

Nightwing comic storyline adapt

In this storyline, Nightwing discovers the Court is aiming to make him a member. Their plan has been in the works since he was performing in the circus. The Court goes to great lengths, such as threatening to kill Damian Wayne. Later, Dick does join the Parliament of Owls to bring them down from the outside.

Battle For The Cowl

Nightwing comic storyline film adapt

If Ben Affleck steps down in the future, it would be interesting to see Dick don the mantle of Batman. In the comics, Bruce is though to be dead, and a void is left in Gotham City. Nightwing steps up to claim his place, but he has to face Jason Todd, who’s also aiming to take over.

What Nightwing storyline do want to see adapted to the big screen? Comment below.

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