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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Steven helps Sadie plan a performance for Beachapalooza.

Compared to the previous episode, which featured gem mutants chasing people down in a hospital, this episode is surprisingly low key. It just involves Steven helping Sadie get ready for a talent show. No monsters, no magic powers, and none of the Crystal gems show up at all. Instead, it focuses on another supporting character having a moment with a parent.

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The episode showcases how Sadie’s mom, Barabara the mail carrier, is overzealous when it comes to her daughter. Sadie, who is a bit of an introvert, wants to try new things but at her pace. Instead once she shows any kind of interest in something her mom is there to support her and push her into it to the point Sadie gets overwhelmed. The episode serves to say, sometimes people have the best intentions, especially with their kids, but can almost be smothering when they offer too much support and its perfectly okay to tell them to back off and give you some air so you can approach obstacles at your own pace. You just have to find a way to reach them.

Also, Steven puts on a dress and sings his heart out to save Sadie when it’s clear she won’t be able to sing on stage. Showing once again that Steven is willing to go the distance and do whatever it takes to help out his friends. Of course this is no different from any other episode when he’s willing to throw himself into battle to protect others.

Again a very low key episode, but fans of Sadie might find some joy in it.