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Summary: Steven records the rise of Sadie’s new band, Sadie Killer and the Suspects.


It’s another Sadie episode. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the girl has come a long way since Sadie’s Song and showcases there is another side to her character. Unfortunately this episode doesn’t give the viewer the side of her which is most interesting.

Back in Sadie Killer, it was revealed Sadie struggles with a mixture of guilt and anxiety which sometimes makes it hard for her to function in the world. This is the Sadie which is fascinating to watch evolve and play out through her struggles. This isn’t the aspect of Sadie this episode chooses to focus on. Instead it’s more about her mother Barb and how she can be a bit too clingy. The fans have seen a more interesting side of the character and its far more engaging exploring it than rehashing previous problems.

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It’s interesting to see Greg acts as the band’s manager. Mostly because of how competent he comes off in the role. Red herrings are used with him wanting to spend some of his royalty money to get the band better equipment and booking a large gig for them through an old contact. This would have been the easy way to tell a story by having Greg go overboard, hyping things up, and it directly sabotages the show. Good to know the creative team isn’t taking the creative team isn’t taking the easy route when it comes to storytelling. It does raise the question about how much longer they will use the “Steven’s dad is rich” sub-plot to move the story. Of course even if they say he is broke in the next episode not much will change. He’ll still own the car wash and be living out of his van. For now though if managing Sadie’s band gives him more screen time then he should just keep up the fine work. Greg seems as much like the link between the Gems and the Humans as much as Steven is.

Not a bad human episode but not the best Steven Universe has produced.