Monkeys Fighting Robots

SPOILERS for the episode in question follow.

Episode Description: “Steven and Connie go on an adventure to rescue one of Pearl’s swords from Connie’s mom.”

The burning question after watching this episode: How good of a doctor can Connie’s mom be when she actually thought Gem mutations were humans who had been in accidents? One of them didn’t have a head and the other had three arms and a gem stone for a face. Those are some pretty clear indications that something is wrong. Moving on.

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Connie’s growth this season has been a joy to watch. She continues to be Steven’s support, she took up sword training, and now she has come clean with her mom about all the crazy stuff that’s been going down while she is with Steven. She really is a joy as a character, and watching her fight side by side with Steven is precisely what the fans have been waiting for. Seeing them beat the gem mutations with ease probably had many fans cheering.

Lion keeps being equal parts helpful and frustrating. He is coming and going with too much plot convenience. He wasn’t there moments earlier when they needed to hide the sword, but when he can no longer help in that situation he returns to help Steven and Connie get to the hospital. How long can they really keep the mystery of what he is going?

There is a moment of heartache in the last few second where Steven looks from Connie sharing a hug with her mother and back down to his mom’s sword. It’s little heart clenching moments like this that make the show so enjoyable. Poor kid.

From this episode on, Connie will probably not wear her frames anymore as she doesn’t have to hide her eyes, which were healed by magic. Growth is always good, and more episodes like this will keep fans coming back to cheer on one of their favorite supporting cast members.