Monkeys Fighting Robots

Summary: Steven brings Garnet to meet Lars and his off-color crew.


First off, Lars doing Captain Logs is funny. Just getting it out of the way before getting to the meat and potatoes of the episode.

Thanks to Garnet’s story and the rumors the Off Colors had heard, the audience gets a new look at what kind of person Rose Quarts was. The Homeworld Gems in an effort to discourage her rebellion and influence decided to paint her as a monster. The anti-gem which much like the antiChrist would bring destruction to the world. Curious if some type of Rose Quartz propaganda will be shown in the future.

Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube

The flashback of Rose’s life and how she became the force of the rebellion but also offers more with the little details which help to paint a bigger picture. Rose is shown kissing a silhouetted figure back before she event began her uprising. This is obviously not Steven’s dad and shows she had more than one love in her life. This is only natural considering gems are beings which can live much longer than humans. Still it does help to add more to her character.

There are also more clues to the possibility Pink Diamond is alive and Garnet herself doesn’t know the truth. Garnet mentions how Rose Quartz drew her sword and shattered PInk DIamond, except it has been specifically spelled out (by the sword maker Bismuth) the sword CAN NOT shatter a Gem. So if Rose didn’t kill her what happened to her. This episode doesn’t supply the audience with an answer but it does help to point to the possiblity she will make an appearance again in some way shape or form.

A good start to week of new Steven Universe episodes. Let’s hope this trend keeps going and more episodes will focus on great world building and character moments.