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STAR WARS RESISTANCE Synara’s Score Episode 7 Review: Turning A Pirate

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Stories are full of characters being turned to the other side and Star Wars Resistance carries on this timeless tradition with Episode 7, “Synara’s Score.” The tale’s been told before, but to be honest, it never grows old. Anakin turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader, while Agent Kallus left the Imperial Navy to join forces with the Rebel Alliance. Even characters like Hondo Ohnaka (a pirate) have played both sides of the fence throughout galactic history.

Episode 7 of Star Wars Resistance seems to be setting up a similar situation through Synara San (Nazneen Contractor). Whether she’ll defect like Kallus or play both sides like Hondo is unknown. There’s also the bond between Synara and Tam, which will likely play a major role in the upcoming arc.

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Spoilers Ahead. Enter at your own risk!

Yeager and Neeku, Star Wars Resistance Episode 7 Synara's Score
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Star Wars Resistance Synara’s Score Synopsis

Captain Doza’s appointed Yeager to fix a tracking computer for the defense system on the Colossus. Not only is Yeager behind, but there’s a rare military-grade computer chip which needs to be replaced for the system to work.

Tam and Kaz are tasked with finding this chip, although the reality of the situation seems bleak. They try the Office of Acquisitions first and are laughed out by Flix and Orca. Next Kaz suggests they talk to Synara who’s working scavenging duties on the platform. It’s clear Kaz has a crush of Synara, who obviously isn’t reciprocating his feelings.

Tam steps in before Kaz makes a total fool out of himself and tells Synara the chip they’re looking for. Ironically, Synara not only finds the chip but does it in record time (because kids wouldn’t notice such a convenient plot moving scenario, right Disney?).

Office of Acquisitions Tam and Kaz Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image Via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Synara decides to investigate what the chip could be fixing and discovers it’s for the Colossus’ defense system. Reporting her findings to Kragan Gorr (Gary Anthony Williams), she’s told to get confirmation. Heading over to Yeager’s bay, Synara brings a box of parts in order to get a better look at what Tam, Kaz, and Neeku are working on.

She discovers her predictions were correct but also gets dragged into an impromptu lunch with Tam. The lunch date (yes shippers, ship away) finally reveals Tam’s backstory and how she ended up on the Colossus. It also shows that Synara and Tam have a good bit in common (and it’s romantically cute).

Synara and Tam Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The Aces leave for their job and right on cue, the pirates swoop in to start wrecking the Colossus. Yeager and Kaz take off to install the tracking computer while Tam runs off with BB-8 towards the heavily damaged platform to help Synara.

Yeager and Kaz run into Kragan and his goons, resulting in a five-minute action-packed fight scene as they try to install the tracking computer into the defense systems mount. Meanwhile, Tam is fighting pirates on the platform and kicking some major behind, with a little assistance from BB-8. Her and Synara run into one another and a pirate almost blows Synara’s cover, but not before she knocks him out cold.

Yeager and Kaz Star Wars Resistance Episode 7 fight pirates
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Thinking she’s just been saved, Tam thanks Synara while the spy pirate questions Tam as to why she’s on the platform. Tam responds with “that’s what friends do,” referring towards her rescue attempt. This shocks Synara, as she’s likely never had anyone risk their life for her.

Yeager and Kaz eventually get the defense system online and the pirates retreat. Captain Doza, however, isn’t happy with the condition of the Colossus. Taking matters into his own hands, Doza contacts Commander Pyre through the First Order and arranges a meeting to discuss protection.

Resistance Episode 7, Synara’s Score Review

“Synara’s Score” is a good overall episode containing plenty of action, along with character development the series’ been starving for. We got to learn more about Tam while also seeing Yeager in action. The Aces, however, remain mostly unseen. For a series allegedly designed around pilots and spaceships, we’ve barely had the chance to see them in action after seven episodes.

The developing relationship between Tam and Synara is adorable, even if Disney never has the cojones to step out and declare it a romantic one. Likewise, it was nice to see Kaz doing something right again while he fought side-by-side with Yeager.

BB-8, Synara, and Tam Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

The only noticeable problem in “Synara’s Score,” is one seen throughout most of the Star Wars Resistance episodes. For some reason, generic characters are often duplicated (digitally copied) with minor changes to fill in space gaps. While this is a common practice, it’s surprising Disney uses these techniques with the monster budgets at their disposal. Some of the characters are also lazily copied and its hard to see any noticeable differences, like several of the pirates during the battle on the Colossus. While not a major issue, it’s still a surprising one from the Disney and Lucasfilm camp.

Captain Doza Colossus Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Now that the arc with the First Order is beginning and the pirate one is coming to an end, it’ll be interesting to see how the pirates are handled. Knowing the First Order, loose ends will likely be tied up, so what’ll happen to Synara?

Captain Doza Commander Pyre Star Wars Resistance Episode 7
Image via Disney Studios and Lucasfilm

Let us know in the comments below regarding your thoughts on Synara and episode 7 of Star Wars Resistance. “May the Force be with you, always.”

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