Star Trek: Discovery – Gearing Up for “Will You Take My Hand?”

Star Trek: Discovery’s first season finale, “Will You Take My Hand?” will air shortly, capping off the crew’s first season in action. It has been an eventful season so far with the introduction of the Klingons’ new look, a mutiny, a four-episode journey through the Mirror Universe, and the death of the U.S.S Discovery’s captain.

Discovery, despite the difficulties that viewers have had tracking down episodes of the show which airs exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States, has enjoyed very favourable ratings and has already been green-lighted for a second season. Producers have promised fans of the show that the questions they have will all be answered in time: plot points that appear to have fallen by the wayside will pop up again leaving no loose threads.

Star Trek: Discovery – The Klingon Question

Although the issue was handled relatively poorly in Star Trek: Enterprise, I’m looking forward to finding out why the Klingons look like gigantic walking cockroaches rather than either of the two looks that Star Trek fans saw in the past. I know that other people watching the show have made peace with the new look, but for better or worse I want an explanation.

Star Trek: Discovery – A Madwoman at the Wheel

Viewers will likely get a chance to see how Emperor Georgiou fares as captain of the Discovery in the season finale, as long as she doesn’t blow her cover. But, after this next episode, I wonder whose butt will be in the big chair next season.

Commander Saru looked pretty good sitting on the dais, but because no previous Star Trek show or movie has featured a ship with an alien captain, and because Doug Jones must be expensive, I wonder if the command structure aboard Discovery will change after Season One’s end.

Star Trek: Discovery – Final Thoughts

Discovery has suffered from a few ongoing problems during its first season, specifically a general lack of success executing what seem like good ideas and a faster-than-light pace to each episode’s plot. That said, so did every Star Trek show that has ever aired. My personal favourite, Star Trek: The Next Generation took a couple seasons to fully develop into the stellar show it became.

So, I’ll stick around for the next season if only to hold the writers and producers to their promise that all questions will be answered.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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