An all-new Image series by superstar writer Rick Remender and artist Bengal hits shelves this May. We got a chance to give Death Or Glory an early read!

Death Or Glory 1 cvr

Rick Remender is a master collaborator. He finds chemistry with an artist and together they take the comic book medium to new places. Bengal and Remender waste no time digging into this new world; it’ll suck readers right in.

Death Or Glory is a high-octane thrill ride protecting a gritty but fragile heart. It’ll make you want to abandon all social media, chuck your phone into a lake, and go for a drive. None of that trivial shit matters. It’s the people that we surround ourselves with that do.

One of the first standouts of this issue is the colorful and lively cast of characters. Our main hero, Glory Owens, is a gut-punch of personality. She’s surrounded by people so fleshed out that it only requires a couple of word balloons to get a handle on the relationships.

This isn’t the first rodeo for either creator; they know how to craft a debut issue. Remender and Bengal don’t waste a single panel, every inch of this issue is crafted perfectly for you to submit yourself to this new adventure.

Bengal’s anime-inspired art is beautiful. It’s the driving force and metronome of the story. You can almost hear the ticking stopwatch from Drive as each page turn comes with a rush of adrenaline. There’s a palpable Speed Racer vibe here, but with much more of a refined edge. Bengal’s style is sleek and clean, making for some striking action scenes that require little to no dialogue.

Death Or Glory succeeds where many other independent comic books have failed. There seems to be a car-driving heist book every year at some point. Remender and Bengal are set to conquer, coming out with a fully cooked concept.

Image has another hit on their hands. Death Or Glory is like a Tarantino story told in a modern Speed Racer-type aesthetic. It’s a series you can confidently invest your time in!