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Marvel has done great things with Spider-Man since he first swung onto the scene in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, however there was no better time to be a fan of the character than in the early 1990s, specifically, 1990-93. Three of the listed titles were ongoing from way back when, but each had great runs in said years. The ongoing series all intertwined with each other as well, including various crossover story arcs, which is what made them all so special.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963-2007)

This was the first series for Spider-Man following his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15. It went an astounding 441 issues! The 1990s run of the series had a six-part ‘Revenge of the Sinister Six’ (#334-339) arc that featured a new team of Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio and Hobgoblin. Issue #361 saw the first (full) appearance of the symbiotic spawn known as Carnage, as part of the ‘Savage Genesis’ three-part arc, tabbing Spidey against both Venom and Carnage! Issue #375 was a 30th Anniversary issue of the character that featured a gold holofoil cover with both Venom and Spider-Man doing battle. Issues #378-380 pick up during a 14-issue ‘Maximum Carnage’ arc that spanned over five-different Spider-Man titles. Issue #400 is an embossed gray overlay cover that looks like a big cloud in the shape of Spidey.

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Spectacular Spider-Man (1976-98)

This series lasted 263 issues and in 1991 had six-part arc from issues #178-183 that featured Vermin for the first time in ‘Up from the Depths’. The arc ultimately pins Spidey against both Vermin and the Green Goblin. Issue #189 has a hologram cover as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration for the character. Issues #197-199 feature the X-Men, while #200 is a giant-sized issue and tabs Spidey against the Green Goblin, while issues #201-203 are included in the ‘Maximum Carnage’ storyline.

Web of Spider-Man (1985-2001)

Issues #73-76 featured an arc called ‘Art Attack’ and each issue saw Spider-Man take on a new created villain(s). No. 73 had The Headmen, #74, The Avant Guard, #75 included a baddie named Spark, while #76 had the entire group in a final showdown. No. 90 had a holographic cover as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration, while #100 saw Spidey adorned in a special armor suit on a metallic, giant-sized issue. Issues #101-103 was part of the ‘Maximum Carnage’ story arc and #113 teamed Spidey up with both Gambit and the Black Cat. This series went 129-total issues.

Spider-Man (1990)

This series ended just two issues shy of the century mark, but was one of our favorites in the 1990s. Todd McFarlane, you know, the creator of Spawn and maker of all the toys we love, did the art for the first 16 issues of this series. A run that included guest appearances by Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Beast and X-Factor. The best storyline in this series was the six-part ‘Revenge of the Sinister Six’ arc from issues #18-23. It came down to a six-on-six standoff of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Vulture, Hobgoblin, Sandman and Mysterio versus Spidey, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Sleepwalker, Solo and Deathlok, including a guest appearance from Nova. Issue #26 marked the 30th Anniversary of the ‘Web Head’ and the cover features a beautiful hologram. Issues #35-37 crosses over with other running Spider-Man titles as part of the ‘Maximum Carnage’ storyline. Issue #50 has a holographic cover and tabs Spider-Man against the son of Kraven the Hunter. After issue #51 is where things get weird as the series crosses over with the ‘Spider-Man: Clone Saga’ run and features his clone, The Scarlet Spider!

Spider-Man Saga (1991)

This was a four-issue miniseries. The first issue was a pictorial history and authorized biography of Spider-Man. Issue #2 covered events from Amazing Spider-Man #101-175 and highlighted the death of Gwen Stacy. The new Green Goblin and the rising of the Hobgoblins comprised issue #3, while #4 featured ongoing feuds with Venom.

Deadly Foes of Spider-Man (1991)

The ‘Sinister Syndicate’, a villainous quintet comprised of Rhino, Beetle, Hydro-Man, Speed Demon and Boomerang attempt to rob the Federal Reserve Bank. With a guest appearance of Shocker and Leila Davis. It ultimately comes down to a fight for super-villain supremacy while Spider-Man tries to intervene.

Lethal Foes of Spider-Man (1993)

This four-part series serves as a follow-up mini to ‘Deadly Foes’. It features Rhino, Vulture, Boomerang and Hardshell (Leila Davis) join forces to attempt to steal the nuclear blaster from the U.S. Atomic Research Facility. The third issue, thanks to a lone blast from the nuclear blaster, brings Stegron, the Dinosaur Man, back to walk the Earth once again! The finale tabs Spidey against a boatload of villains, including the team currently running in the series, as well as Vulture, Doc Ock, Swarm, and more!

Spider-Man Classics (1993-94)

This series was great because the entire 16-issue run were reprinted early tales from Spider-Man’s history. The first issue was a reprint of his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 and also featured Strange Tales #115. Each comic in this series was written by the Stan Lee.

Spider-Man Unlimited (1993-98)

This series starts off with a bang as the first two issues fall into the ‘Maximum Carnage’ story arc. The life of the series went just 22 issues over a five-year span, but saw appearances from villains like Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Scorpion, Lizard and friends like Thor, Black Cat, Iron Fist and Human Torch.

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