All-New, All-Different Wolverine revealed!

Earlier today, Marvel released a teaser image for what we can expect from their line of books following their big summer event; Secret Wars.


In the last hour, another image has emerged which ostensibly acts as a second preview of their post-Secret Wars line. The image is particularly noteworthy for what appears to be X-23 taking on the mantle of Wolverine and introducing Old Man Logan to the main Marvel Universe. It heavily features both the Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy along with an awesome re-design of Doctor Strange. Other characters featured include Spectrum,Karnak and Citizen V.


The revelations regarding Wolverine’s status post-Secret Wars would seem to line up with statements issued by Marvel Editor-in-Chief; Axel Alonso earlier today:
“Wolverine will be back sort of — a new Wolverine — and I think that is also going to be seismic when people see who it is….I think it’s going to create a lot of excitement about the character and then force people to look at Wolverine through new eyes, so to speak.”

What do you think? Should X-23 takeover as Wolverine? What else about this image caught your eye? Tell us in the comments below.

note: this article was originally posted as speculation, but has since been confirmed by two other sources.

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Gary Moloney
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