Shannara Chronicles Episode 4: Decisions, Dwellers, And Deaths

The plots thickened tonight in the fourth episode of Shannara Chronicle’s second season. The new season on Spike is proving to be a force with a storyline that is more controlled, balanced, and with less reliance on razzle-dazzle and more on building tension between characters and plots. Yet, for the effects-loving viewers out there, the episode doesn’t disappoint on that front either. As we near the midpoint, the grey area widens, leaving heroes to wonder who is to trust. Here’s our review of episode four, “Dweller.”

The Shannara Chronicles
Wednesdays on Spike at 10 P.M. ET
Wil, Mareth & Allanon travel to a dangerous territory for an answer. King Ander meets the Princess of Leah, but finds she’s more than he bargained for.”

Brandon appears to the Queen Tamlin to remind her of a deal from the past. and that the Warlock Lord is rising and debts to him will be paid. The tension is just right. Bandon’s evil badassery is growing, and he proves it within the first few seconds of his appearance.

After the ominous moment with Bandon, we catch up with Wil and Eretria. Wil is recovering from the events of the previous episode and Eretria is leaving on a new mission with weapon master Jax to warn King Ander about the Crimson. The friends share a moment that seems to give off some heavy foreshadowing feels. “I’ll see ya when I see ya.” Will leave you wondering if these two will ever see each other again. And Shannara isn’t shy about killing off characters. So, who knows?

The first moments of the show also delve deeper into Allanon the Druid and his potential daughter, Ravenlock. Without DNA tests handy, I’m sure some magic will make it possible for us to know the truth. But for now, these two have to come to terms about their connection, whether it’s familial, magical, or both.

Bandon delivers more ominous messages to Flick, Wil’s uncle before he provides another glimpse into his twisted logic.

We return to Eretria and Jax. We learn more about the weapon master’s past, enriching his character. Jax is a great addition to this RPG party that’s trying to save the world. Then again, who doesn’t love an anti-hero?

Eretria and Lyria are on separate paths, but a talk between the two inspires Lyria to do more. At the same time, Ander is learning about betrayal and continuing an uneasy alliance with the Queen of Leah. However, like Wil, Ander is growing into who he must be. He’s learning “adulting” so-to-speak and with that comes pain-filled decisions. However, it also comes with a lesson about sacrifice for the great good.

Wil wants to get to Bandon to save his uncle, but Allanon has another mission in mind. The mission is one that Wil cannot refuse as it connects to his past. The quest might also be important to save the future of the Four Lands. However, missions only matter if they are successful and there’s much dangerous dungeon-delving in the way of completing the task at hand.

An emotional end leads to a hopeful final shot. Episode five of The Shannara Chronicles can’t come soon enough.

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