Self-Published Spotlight: Jonathan Thompson on The Counterfeit and Blood Run Comics

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The Counterfeit, written by Jonathan Thompson (Night of The Comet/A Game of Doubles/All In) with art by Rossano Piccioni (Burn Residue) is just the latest Kickstarter campaign by Thompson that has successfully reached funding. But with this particular one, Jonathan is doing something different. The Counterfeit had a campaign run of just TWO WEEKS, in which it was successfully funded. What comes next is not only innovative new ways to use and reward stretch goals but the launch of an entire crime/horror comics imprint as well, BLOOD RUN COMICS. Jonathan is bringing back past collaborators and characters with BLOOD RUN, and it sounds awesome. So check out the interview and make sure to head over and get in on this printing of The Counterfeit and be a part of the launch of BLOOD RUN COMICS!


Monkeys Fighting Robots: Jonathan this Kickstarter campaign for The Counterfeit is different than your others. Not only is the campaign length shorter (two weeks) but you are also launching an imprint, Blood Run Comics. What made you decide to take this leap?
Jonathan Thompson: This is a way to consolidate the two partnerships I’ve been working on in comics with Attila Schwanz (NIGHT OF THE COMET) and Rossano Piccioni (BURN RESIDUE). The plan is to alternate books in a series with both. With Rossano, it’s a series of one-shots in the COUNTERFEIT world and Attila and I are developing a MORDRED series for next year. Two weeks is an experiment on top of an experiment. The mid-campaign times don’t net much movement so I figured I’d chop them out and see what happens.

MFR: The name is so evocative. What’s behind the name BLOOD RUN?
JT: Honestly, just felt fun. Coming out of BURN RESIDUE and NIGHT OF THE COMET I established a tone with both creators and I wanted to find the right way to sell it as its own imprint. You know, just playing around and having fun. I like the idea of letting the BLOOD RUN.

MFR: So give us some details on The Counterfeit. What’s the ol’ elevator pitch?
JT: THE COUNTERFEIT is a crime one shot following a money counterfeiter and an FBI agent who’s on his tail. The story opens up with the feds raiding the counterfeiter’s print shop, but he’s easily able to wriggle out of their hands. What happens next is a dueling narrative with both characters thinking they are the hero until they converge in one big bang.

Art from The Counterfeit

MFR: Can you talk about the Mordred series with Attila that you mentioned? What’s that about?
JT: MORDRED will be four magazine-sized 48-page issues about King Arthur’s bastard son. I am so excited about this one. If you know anything about Attila’s art, you’ll be excited too. It will chronicle Mordred’s quest to hold Excalibur and rule Camelot. It’s going to be insane and should be coming in March. And I should say that while this is a one-book campaign it is about building for the future. That’s why we have a low goal and short run time. Once we hit our main goal I have a bunch of landmark stretch goals that will get backers more of what’s coming. They’ll get extra pages in this issue along with previews for MORDRED and the next part of the COUNTERFEITER story.

MFR: I can’t wait to see Atilla draw Mordred. That’s a perfect fit.
JT: I know, right? I have a lot of ideas circling around but we’re going to be doing some development stuff soon. We have a stretch goal that will get all backers of THE COUNTERFEIT this preview.
JT: Yeah, I know. It’s going to be great.

MFR: Anything final you wanna drop before we wrap it up?
JT: I’d just say that I’m excited for the future and what we can build here. I think MORDRED in particular is going to light a fire so big you can’t miss it. THE COUNTERFEIT is live until Dec. 2nd so get on it while you can. I hope to exceed our goal so we can load backers up with previews for a lot of great comics coming in the new year. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of NIGHT OF THE COMET coming from Source Point Press in January!Art from The Counterfeit

*Editors Note: As of this writing, The Counterfeit has been successfully funded.

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