Scout's Honor #4 brings every threat and value from previous issues to the surface. With it comes a powerful depiction of having personal values tested.

SCOUT’S HONOR #4: Re-Root Your Values To Grow Anew

Scout’s Honor #4 from AfterShock Comics comes out to comic stores on April 14. Writer David Pepose brings this mini-series to its climax. With art by Luca Casalanguida, colors by Matt Milla, and lettering by Carlos M. Mangual, readers experience the protagonist’s mind going through a crisis.

Scout’s Honor #4 And Lack Thereof

Pepose has Kit feel the weight of her decisions and revelations in Scout’s Honor #4. Calling back to previous issues, Kit now faces everything she believed in turned upside down. The reader experiences Kit’s helplessness as despite knowing the risks towards herself, they learn from Kit the empowerment of being a scout. Kit’s disillusionment is all the more worse, considering how it parallels with real-life cases of abuse in scout troops.

It’s a good thing something else builds from previous issues; despite the foundations of the scouts, the inspiration still exists. Kit has always been a survivor, Scout’s Honor #4 is where she displays that in full. With one more issue to go, the reader will eagerly await Kit’s final stand.

Striking Art

Everything to know about Scout's Honor #4Casalanguida continues to give the art a strong sense of grittiness. A large amount of shading displays how much the Ranger Scouts operate, as ruthless as the stormy post-apocalyptic wilderness. Kit’s reactions both in and out of shelter with how she curls up in a helpless position explain her situation.

Milla’s coloring adds to Kit’s sense of helplessness in Scout’s Honor #4. Her red hair is almost muted out in the dark corners she finds herself in. Also, with a sulfur storm featuring a green aesthetic coming in, the danger intensifies. In contrast, the warm orange color brings back some brightness to Kit’s appearance.

The lettering from Mangual gives these situations a more intense resonance. The thundering sound effects look engineered for these specific instances. Not only does the hand-drawn look eye-catching, but they are in juxtaposition with Kit’s mindset. In one instance where the thundering sound effect lights up, she’s reciting an oath for clarity.

Prepare For Scout’s Honor #4

Scout’s Honor #4 is where this series becomes a must-read. With a protagonist the reader comes to love reaffirming herself against her darkest hour, the readers are ready for one last stretch.

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Scout's Honor #4 brings every threat and value from previous issues to the surface. With it comes a powerful depiction of having personal values tested.SCOUT'S HONOR #4: Re-Root Your Values To Grow Anew