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Monkeys Fighting Robots caught up with writer Scott Snyder at MegaCon in Orlando on Thursday to talk about “nerd rage,” and specifically the controversy surrounding Nick Spencer’s ‘Secret Empire’.

Snyder provided a well thought out and respectful answer, which you can watch in full here:

The Batman writer acknowledged that no one side of the argument is “right,” but that it’s a multifaceted issue. The deeper problem, he suggests, is that the comics community needs a better way to communicate with one another about these subjects. “You don’t see what we see,” Snyder says, “meaning you don’t see if somebody tags you and says something like ‘I hate you, I’m gonna punch you in the face when I see you at a con’ … and that can really work you up.”

Creators and fans are all on the same team when it comes to comics: we all want the industry to succeed. As Snyder concludes, “It’s a sign of health in the way that we’re all passionate about the characters, we’re passionate about what we want them to mean, we’re passionate about what we don’t want them to mean, and we just have to find a better way of sort of addressing that with each other.”

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