‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ “9021-HO”: 90s Teen Drama Unleashes Real Drama

Major Drag Race Frontrunners Stumble During An Acting Challenge

The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘ acting challenges always separates the weak from the strong. Season 9 is no different as the competitors face off in ‘90210‘-themed challenge. There are some surprising performances with some extreme disappointments. None more disappointing than Nina Bo’Nina Brown.

Drag Race

Nina Bo’Nina Brown is on a downward spiral. I predicted that Nina would be an easy pick for Top 3 but lately, it’s seeming less likely. All of that self-doubt boiled over when Nina got on set and clashed with directors Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth. These issues have plagued Nina over the past few weeks with RuPaul giving her a pep-talk. Is another pep-talk enough to keep her in ‘Drag Race‘ or are her days numbered?


Another weak performance in the episode is Aja. Not only did she tank in the main challenge but the pre-production temper tantrum was not cute. It didn’t hit the level of hilarious insanity that is the infamous “Linda Evangelista” rant, it came off bratty. That attitude followed her in the challenge as she ended up in a forgettable role.

“If you’re a bitch, be a bitch” “…if you’re a whore, be a whore”
Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling

One of the biggest surprises from “9021-HO” is the comedic performance of Trinity Taylor. Trinity has shown her humor over the past few weeks, including last week’s Snatch Game, but this challenge was the biggest example yet. Trinity nailed the quirks of being the youth-obsessed mom from every teen show with perfection. This also allowed Trinity to outshine any co-stars in the challenge. Poor Farrah Moan is sitting there, all dumb & pretty.

Drag RaceOn the runway, Trinity Taylor landed the win. Many believe this should be Shea Couleé’s win as her performance is very funny. But the surprising humor and stellar runway helped Trinity score the win. Also, the multiple wins for Shea will play a part in her losing some challenges to potentially hide an obvious crown-snatching. Valentina rounded out the top 3 with another memorable runway and a solid performance in the challenge.

The bottom three for the episode is Aja, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, and Sasha Velour. Since she’s never stumbled, it was obvious that Sasha Velour was only in the bottom because of technicities. She’s quickly dismissed and it was down to Nina and Aja to lipsync for their lives. As both divas did their thing, it dawned on me that this was truly the end of Aja’s arc and the climax of Nina’s. Aja has not had a memorable moment since her epic ‘Untucked‘ meltdown. It’s her time to go. Nina Bo’Nina Brown still has a story to tell. It will either a story of redemption or defeat. Only time will tell but with 8 queens, the clock is ticking.

What did you think of the “9021-HO” episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘?

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