‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9: Predicting The Top 3 After Episode 3

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Three Episodes Into Drag Race And We May Have A Frontrunner!

The gayest (greatest) show on television is having quite the ninth season. ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race‘ started the season off with a Lady Gaga themed premiere before bringing back a former contestant and really starting the race. These last two episodes have struggled to keep up the magnitude of the premiere but one thing is really shining through…

The Season 9 Queens!

Drag Race

This season of ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race‘ has one of the most diverse & intriguing set of competitors in years. Every corner of the mainstream drag community is featured with a few stars representing the underbelly as well. After episode 3, it became even more apparent that this season has superstars. But which of these queens will make it to the finale in hopes of snatching the crown?

Top 3 Predictions:

More so than past seasons, trying to pick a clear winner or even the top 3 is hard. There’s so many factors that go into the decision and still so many episodes ahead but some queens are starting to jump ahead.

Honorable Mentions:

Drag Race
– As of now, Valentina has not slipped up once. And by the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon. Something about that charming smile and killer fashion makes Valentina an easy fit for the top 3.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine:
Drag Race
– The comeback queen! Cynthia Lee Fontaine A.K.A. Miss Cucu came back to Drag Race with a fiery passion. After a rather weak outing in Season 8, Cynthia is over her battle with cancer and is ready to be “American’s Next Drag Superstar”.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown:
Drag Race
– One of the true drag artist to ever grace the runway. Nina Bo’Nina Brown is outspoken and brash but still so very humble. Nina uses makeup like no one on the show has done before but still remains an accessible choice.

Winning Prediction:


-She’s the full package…no pun intended. Everything you want in a queen is what Valentina possesses. There’s charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent but it’s also notable that Valentina is the sweetest competitor ever! Almost every aspect of a top drag queen (comedy, glamour, edginess) is here. Now, all she must do is keep it up till the finale.

Do you agree with my top 3 predictions?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. If CLF makes top 5, much less top 3, I will eat a shoe. She has been nothing but “meh” since she came back. I didn’t expect anything more out of her from what we got last season and she has not disappointed.

    At this point, I see a strong top six emerging:
    – Charlie
    – Nina
    – Peppermint
    – Sasha
    – Shea
    – Valentina

    Everyone else has some flaw that will take them out sooner, whether it’s Farrah’s non-existent sewing skills, Aja’s busted makeup or Alexis’s kind of boring sameness each week. I’d put my money on Nina, Valentina and either Shea or Sasha for the top 3, but could honestly see any of these six making it.

  2. Nothing would make happier than Valentina winning! As a Mexican, it would be an honor to have my culture represented across the globe the way she does it! Never has there been a queen so proud of her culture and I fucking love it! Dale Valentina!!!!

  3. Challenges are only going to get far more difficult, and require more imagination.
    Only time will tell who thrives and who DIES!
    Cynthia has failed to show growth from her previous season, being an experienced contestant “safe” is a disappointment. With the advantage she possesses she should be above the “safe” group.
    No shade

    Valentina has the spark, focused and eager to win. Season 9 winner? Very high possibility.

    Followed by Shae and Sasha
    Both have shown a little of their potential and imagination and as challenges get more intense they will have the possibility to show more of what they have to offer.

    Winner: Valentina
    Runner up:
    Sasha, Shae

  4. I literally would have been happy with anyone other than CLF coming back. Cynthia has shown absolutely nothing other than middle of the road looks. She has completely bored me and I don’t remember a thing about her in the challenges. How TF could she win?

  5. I don’t understand why Cynthia is even mentioned in this article. She’s no winner and very doubtfully even top 3. Her drag is as lack luster as it was in her original season and she has been middle of the road as usual. Very sweet queen and a great congeniality choice but nowhere near our next drag superstar. In better health or not she was an underwhelming choice for a come back queen. Why not bring back a strong competitor. I’m super bored with her.

  6. I really want Valentina to win but it’s too soon to predict that. Thankfully so far she does have a good chance to be in the top 3

  7. Predictable prediction. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but can she sing? Can she dance? Can she snatch Snatch Game? The challenges so far haven’t been very…challenging.

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