Rumor: Marvel Netflix Phase 2 To Include Moon Knight, The Punisher, Deathlok, Spider-Woman

Until we can get a second source, this story is considered a rumor.

A relatively new website is reporting that an unnamed source “close” to the situation has informed us that for the Marvel Netflix Phase 2 shows, they’re going dark – very dark. The source says that in 2018/2019, you can expect the following shows for Netflix:

2018: Moon Knight with Bushman as the main villain
2018: The Punisher with JIGSAW as the main villain
2019: Deathlok with Fixer as the main villain
2019: Spider-Woman with Madame HYDRA as the main villain

Since none of the bigger pop culture websites have pick up this story it is safe to say that this is more of an educated guess than a report. Punisher is already in Daredevil and it wouldn’t be a huge leap of faith to think that Netflix would give him his own series. I don’t know how big the group is, but there is a loud group of fans that want Moon Knight brought to life. Deathlok might be a stretch and Spider-Woman is definitely an interesting concept.

The report also mentions that the shows would be darker. Daredevil was pretty dark to begin with, but is this in response to the darker DC Cinematic Universe.

What Marvel character do you want to see brought to the small screen? Our vote would be for a Richard Rider – Nova Corps series in the vain of Star Trek.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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