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The second to last season of the highly popular Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender has arrived. How does it compare to previous seasons? Will it give fans exactly what they want? Only one way to find out.



After the battle with Lotor, the Paladins of Voltron find they must return to Earth if they have any hope of moving forward.

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This season felt like a rollercoaster but one where the low parts of the ride really seemed to drag. After the intense battle with Lotor, the team finds themselves out of gas, in the middle of nowhere, and left with the only choice being taking the long, slow way back to Earth. Unfortunately this long journey drags on the characters as well as the audience.

There are good moments in this extended road trip, including a fantastic flashback into Shiro and Keith’s relationship. Yet there is an episode which is the equivalent of a “Bottle Episode” as the team has to stay together drifting in space. They start to go mad from fear and isolation which forces them to finally come to terms with the feelings which have been building up. It feels necessary but at the same time awkward as it appears like the team only got around to discussing their feelings and are able to bond afterward because they are the verge of death. Haven’t they been through enough already to show how close they are as a team?


A lot of world building takes place which helps to show what happened to Earth since the team’s departure. It does help to explain changes Earth went to prepare for the Galra invasion but at the same time it feels like it goes on for a bit too long. It does give some back characters some time to shine. Hunk also finally gets to some time show some character development. Also, Shiro, despite not piloting a lion anymore finds a way to be an incredible force of inspiration and in combat. These character moments are the best parts of the entire season.


The animation also feels like it has decreased in quality. There are scenes of gorgeous animation which are breathtaking to behold. The final battle of the season is especially incredible thanks to the over the top action which plays out through some of the best animation yet.


Unfortunately, there are moments which just feel off in terms of presentation. Almost like another layer needed to added. This is more noticeable usually when the camera zooms in on the characters and their facial details. There isn’t a total decline in presentation but there moments which aren’t as good the audience has come to expect.


This season of Voltron: Legendary Defender isn’t bad, but it isn’t fantastic. Considering this show has been known for being over the top with its quality, seeing so many flaws at once is disconcerting. Hopefully the team will learn from their mistake and the final season will blow everyone away. For now though, season 7 was entertaining but it was far from legendary.