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The moment I put down the first issue of this series, I just had to learn issue two’s release date. Doomsday Clock #1 reintroduced the world to Watchmen in spectacular fashion. It had great characters, plot, and art, all packaged into the cover page. The plot involves a new Rorschach recruiting two villains to help him and Ozymandias for a mission. This mission will save a world on the brink of nuclear war. Ozymandias’ plan? Find Dr. Manhattan, who was last seen leaving Earth for another universe. Problem is Manhattan has left the Watchmen Universe for another one… The DC Universe.

Watchmen in DC Universe

**Some Spoilers Below**

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We follow the group of Ozymandias, Rorschach, and the villainous couple Mime and Marionette as they escape their world to the DC Universe. The group needs to find Dr. Manhattan, but first, have to locate some allies on this world. This leads to the two heroes looking up and searching for the two smartest men in the world: Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor. The heroes agree to split up, which leads to the first encounters between these two legendary universes.

If you didn’t like the lack of the DC Universe in the first issue, this second one makes up for that many times over. We get a look into this universe through the eyes of the visitors from the Watchmen world and it gives off the sense we’re learning alongside them. Their first encounters with members of the DC Universe are exactly how I’d imagine it, especially the verbal sparring between Ozymandias and Lex Luthor. The back and forth between the two smartest men from both Earths is actually quite interesting to see.

I think the real fault I have with the story is the political climate of the DC Universe. Not that it isn’t interesting, far from it, but it comes off as confusing. The DC Universe is in the midst of unrest due to The Supermen Theory. The theory states that the U.S. Government is creating the superheroes and villains in America as weapons of mass destruction. This leads to the public denouncing heroes, such as Batman. The problem with this theory is the fact that these living WMDs in question help the entire world almost daily. Most of them work outside the government, including the all-powerful Man of Steel. I understand it’s trying to be parallel to the Watchmen Earth, but unless this is an alternate DCU, one would think that the League has enough presence to dissuade that.


What can be said about Gary Frank’s art that hasn’t been said before? It’s dark, realistic, and fits the tone of the story. Brad Anderson’s colors compliment the pencil work, allowing the characters to pop off the page and make the world feel more alive. With these two working together, this series will be one of the most beautiful years to come.


This is a fantastic second issue. The plot progresses as the two universes finally meet, the art is fantastic, and has an ending that will leave you longing for the next issue. All we have now is to countdown the days till the next installment.

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review-the-watchmen-enter-the-dc-universe-and-meets-its-heroes-in-doomsday-clock-2This issue is near perfect with phenomenal storytelling and fantastic art. Highly recommended.