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There’s no time to mourn as we move the story along in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. The segments were almost mini-movies focusing on different characters, giving us some objective as to where the rest of the season could be headed.

Simon’s defiance of Negan gave an interesting twist with eliminating the entire landfill crew. We all know that disregarding Negan isn’t taken lightly, and I’m sure this will eventually bite him in the ass. The splattered blue paint on his boots was a nice detail, as Michonne found Carl and Judith’s blue paint handprints on the front porch before she and Rick departed Alexandria.

We know that Aaron is great at recruiting allies, which is why I believe that he’s staying behind at Oceanside, despite their specific instruction not to return. He doesn’t want interference from Enid or Maggie; he does well with engagement by working alone.

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Jadis’s breakdown was brilliant. The costume change with her wearing white is the complete opposite of her normal junkyard attire, and her speech was normal and unbroken. We see a new person, and we’re unsure of her future.

I wasn’t surprised by Negan’s reaction to Carl’s death, and I wasn’t surprised that Carl had written a note to Negan. But, it looks like Carl’s wish of peace between Rick and Negan won’t be taking place… at least not anytime soon.

Who do you see Jadis siding with now that she’s alone? Do you think that Aaron can convince the Oceanside women to join their fight?

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review-the-walking-dead-the-lost-and-the-plunderers-brings-vengeance-to-those-who-defyThis episode seemed like more of a set-up as to what we'll be seeing during the rest of the season ahead. Storylines are new, paths are being planned, and we will soon see how things will come together.