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A disaster is coming.  It’s in the cards.

Auntie Chantelle (Angela Davis) knows something is amiss.  In her reading for the city, she explains that you have to examine the past and present to determine the future.  You have to understand the cycle.

New Orleans is on a “rollercoaster of destruction and rebirth,” according to Chantelle.  She’s hoping that this read will break the cycle, but two cards have come up the same each time. The “Divine Pairing.”

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We find Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) wanting to worm their way into their intels’ workplaces. Tandy poses as an intern with Roxxon to see what Mina Hess (Ally Maki) is up to, while Tyrone thinks that he can figure out what Detective Connors (J.D. Evermore) is doing by getting close to his brother’s friend Duane (Dalon J. Holland).

Tandy, pulling a Clark Kent by adding a pair of glasses to her ensemble, easily weasels her way into Mina’s world. By posing as an intern, Tandy uses the knowledge that he father instilled in her to discuss the rig and current drilling work. She finds a flaw in the pressure relief system, which proves that Roxxon is one of those stingy corporations that like to cut corners to save a buck. Could Tandy have potentially saved a catastrophe?

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Mina’s not stupid, not by any means. Your typical college intern doesn’t know the information that Tandy is spouting out. It’s not long before Mina figures out that “Liz” is really Tandy Bowen. I was surprised when Mina was open to allowing Tandy to speak with her father, but with his mental condition, I guess she figured that it wouldn’t hurt. A touch of the hand puts Tandy into Ivan Hess’s (Tim Kang) mind only to find that his hopes are limited, and his fears are hidden behind the rig’s door.

Tyrone’s investigations lead him down a much more dangerous path. After being denied a job from Duane, he takes matters into his own hands. He takes Tandy’s advice: make an opening and take it. He gets his wish, he’s gotten close to Connors… within gunshot range. His hatred of Connors is fueled by the “drug bust” gone wrong, leaving Tyrone with another untimely loss to deal with.  His innocence and vulnerability are radiating, and there’s no physical way that Tandy can comfort her friend.

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The answers that Tandy and Tyrone seek are coming to light, but at what cost? Is closure worth what they’re putting themselves through?

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