Monkeys Fighting Robots

The Sonic The Hedgehog series from IDW Comics has been on a streak of impressive issues in terms of quality for both writing and artwork. Is this the issue which finally breaks the flow? Spoiler: No, it doesn’t which makes it seem like a a new question needs to be asked in these opening paragraphs.


Sonic and Tails close in on the true villain behind the recent attacks.


The enemy is revealed and it’s not who you think it’s going to be. There will be no spoiler here on who it is but it does appear as if the Eggman who Sonic found in previous issues may be the real one. This is refreshing as Eggman, even when he was known as Dr. Robotonic, has always been Sonic’s main adversary. To have someone else pulling the strings behind the scenes and plotting downfall is a welcome changed.

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Sure, in the Archie series there were times when another foe was the main adversary, but it would have been simpler for writer Ian Flynn to take the easy route with a new series and just have Eggman be behind everything. Instead, Flynn takes the more daring road, setting up for more stories moving forward, and other problems for Sonic to face other than Eggman. These unexpected surprises are what makes this series so interesting.

Sonic The Hedgehog


The artwork for this issue is insane especially when you realize Adam Bryce Thomas was the only artist on duty. Bringing together the dramatic reveal of the mastermind and the ensuing fight in such an eye catching fashion is is impressive to say the least. Sure, some of Sonic’s facial expressions are a bit off at times but this a minor knit pick compared with the intense details and fluid action which comes through seamlessly.

The lettering work by Corey Breen once again helps with the direction and feel of the action. The placement and fonts used in the sound effects aid in controlling the flow of the battle and makes every punch feel like it is landing with appropriate force behind it.


This series has been an incredible ride and it just finds new ways to get better. The preview at the ends showcases the introduction of another familiar face to Sonic The Hedgehog and hopefully it will only help to keep this series running smoothly. For now, fans can pick up this issue and know they it has the same standard of quality of previous issues.