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After the podcast of The Thrilling Adventure Hour came to and end, fans were promised the segments would continue in comics. After a few issues from Image Comics came to an end it appeared as if the idea of more adventures from the characters would not come to pass. Now, thanks to Boom Studios, if there is a second chance for more adventures in graphic novel form.


Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle. The toast of the upper crust, headliners on the society pages. And oh yes…they see ghosts.


This new series starts off very well. It hooks the readers with a very intriguing tale of “Beyond Belief.” For those who have never heard the original podcast, know there is still plenty to enjoy from this comic without having previous knowledge. The series does a good job slowly reintroducing the characters and their motivations. The writing also finds a way to capture the feel of Frank and Sadie from the podcast. This should be expected as writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker are the original creators.

The issue does end a bit abruptly but a quick cliffhanger is nothing terrible. Hopefully this new series will encourage more readers and more of the original characters from the podcast (like Sparks Nevada: Marshal On Mars or Captain Laserbeam) could be featured in future issues. For now, the Doyles have an intriguing new case for their fans to indulge in.

Thrilling Adventure Hour


The art has a unique style which seems to capture the dated look of a roaring 30s, noir style setting which the series is set. Artist M.J. Erickson does a perfect job capturing the fashion and look of the characters. The art also seems to perfectly capture the disinterested looks of the Doyles as they don’t seem impressed at all with the acts of the supernatural disturbance.

The coloring by Brittany Peer offers a more muted tone which helps to cement the old fashion style of the time period. Also, shifting color palettes at just the right moment helps to showcase moments of dread, comedy, and even when a flashback is supposed to take place.

The lettering by Mike Fiorentino adds to the atmosphere of the issue. Lines are often delivered like a punchline from the original podcast, complete with authentic jokes and zingers. There is a level of great timing which is displayed from panel to panel.


Not only is the new series a treat for the devoted fans of the podcast but it also has a lot of great material for anyone who is looking for an entertaining indie comic. The Thrilling Adventure Hour has returned and the world can laugh a little more because of it.