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There are certain times when a writer and a comic book artist hit 88 miles per hour with a juiced up Flux Capacitor, and anything is possible. Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman are flying around in a DeLorean, cruising around time and space at this very moment because of The Mighty Thor #705.

Superhero books should be epic. They rise, even with the heavy weight of the moral compass dragging them down. Jane Foster is not just a hero; she is a superhero. Aaron closes out Jane’s saga in the most touching, aggressive, godly way over the pages of issue 705. This issue is all the best parts of your favorite action movies. The comic has wall-to-wall action, the dialogue is desperate and on point, and then there is a sacrifice that has meaning.

Aaron crafted a story and closed it out on his own terms, with no apologies to anyone. Aaron saw an opportunity to tell the best damn Thor story, and he did just that. It doesn’t matter if there was a man or woman holding the hammer. Aaron understands what it means to be Thor and the responsibilities involved.

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Review: THOR #705 - Jason Aaron Is So Damn Good

From Dauterman’s cover to the final page, the artwork in 705 is on fire. The blood and the sweat were real thanks to Matthew Wilson’s colors. Your temperature will rise reading this book. The use of the blurred backgrounds gave the book a cinematic quality. The epic panels, combined with the grand words of Aaron beat you up as a reader. 705 is an emotionally draining book, as you are so invested in the characters, and the action is so fast and furious, that you never get a chance to catch your breath. And then it’s over. Thor doesn’t have time to mourn.

The Mighty Thor #705 is a template for how to close out a series. Hit the reader with tons of actions, heroic dialog, and leaving your fans with lasting images. Aaron and Dauterman did that in spades.

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review-the-mighty-thor-705-aaron-dauterman-wilson-are-so-damn-goodI'm the guy that never gives a perfect score to a comic book, Jason Aaron compelled me to give THE MIGHTY THOR #705 a perfect score. This is an absolute must-read.