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The “Shattered Grid” event from BOOM! Studios continues and the inexperienced team of Go Go Power Rangers are not prepared for the evil from another dimension. Will they be able to defeat this new threat or be destroyed in the process?


As the team works to keep their normal lives together, they find themselves overwhelmed by the awesome destructive power of The Gravezord.


With two Power Rangers series being published at the same time, it is essential that each focuses on different elements of what makes the franchise so entertaining. With Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the focus is more on dimensional crossing action and the vast mythology such a long-running story has amassed. Issue 10 of Go Go Power Rangers helps to showcase what its mission continues to be: a look at the human drama which comes being forced into a war between good and evil.

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Writer Ryan Parrot offers a lot of great character moments to highlight the inner turmoil the Rangers have to face while at the same time fighting against monsters. Jason asking for Zordon’s help with his dad’s medical condition, Matt telling Kimberly about how he’s investigating the Power Rangers, and Zack having to apologize to his date for ditching her during the dance all bring light to the personal struggles these characters face. This is without even mentioning the intense action which comes from the Dinozords fighting against the Gravezord, a combination of several different zords from another dimension. Needless to say, the balance of action and drama comes out elegantly.

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The artwork helps the fight scenes to stand out and deliver some impressive blows. The inks and pencils by Dan Mora help to express how outclassed the Dinozords are, as they face against the Gravezord. A lot of great robot on robot destruction occurs thanks to the attention to detail.

The colors by Raul Angulo accentuates the emotion which is taking place in different scenes. This is especially true as Zordon suffers an attack and the color work convey the pain the ancient sage experiences.

The lettering work by Ed Dukeshire is integral to controlling the flow of the narrative. The line deliveries happen in an organic and natural way which aids the art in syncing everything together.


The series keeps pushing the team to their limits and offers an intriguing story the entire time. Though Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has the more epic side of this event, Go Go Power Rangers is supplying great character moments and drama. This is one crossover event which is properly making sure of every issue to tell an incredible story.