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The latest episode of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network finds a way to get personal and ask about a character’s problems.


When Ruby goes missing, Steven and Amethyst go look for her.


Have you seen this gem? Goes by the name Ruby. She’s short, red, and apparently is going to be a cowboy in the future. It will be interesting to see how events lead to such a point.

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After the big reveal of Single Pale Rose, someone in the cast finally does the most logical, natural, and human thing: Asking Steven how he feels about it all. This news shook up the entire fan community and the cast of the show itself when it was dropped but there has been little to no time for Steven to think about what it all means and how it affects him. This deep emotional discussion comes from the least likely sources or if you really think about it, the most appropriate one.

All three of the original crystal gems have helped to serve a purpose in Steven’s growth as a character. Garnet has served as the wise teacher, helping to give deep knowledge the boy has used to mature. Pearl is the uptight caretaker has done everything she could to make sure his needs were taken care of. Amethyst though has been something else entirely. As she works to cheer Steven up this episode it’s revealed she’s a bit angry about the news of Rose herself but instead of letting it out she chooses not to. She doesn’t want Steven to know how she feels because Amethyst knows he has enough to deal with and he needs to approach his problems first before taking on anyone else’s. Amethyst acts as a mature older sibling trying hard not to dump anymore on someone they care about before they have had time to properly comprehend a major life change. This demonstrates a very deep side to her character. As Steven says, “Your the most mature Crystal Gem.”

Thought it has no action to speak of this episode of Steven Universe still takes the time to actually ask how a character is doing. It’s realistic emotional moments like these which help to make the show so enjoyable.