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The Heart of the Crystal Gems event continues as a week of new Steven Universe keeps delighting the fans. Will this episode break the string of good episodes as of late?


Steven and Amethyst find Ruby with Greg.


This is another episode dedicated to looking at the effects of the revelation behind Rose Quartz. This time it’s Steven’s dad, Greg who takes a moment to showcase how he feels about this information. The man finds out the mother of his child was someone else and his reaction is actually very logical. Why should he be mad Rose didn’t tell him who she used to be? He didn’t tell her who he was before becoming Mister Universe the rockstar. Both of them had pasts they couldn’t deal with and instead decided to embrace a new present together. It’s very touching when you think about it.

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Speaking about touching, Ruby tries to put on a brave front and tries to be a cowboy but this is just so she doesn’t have to think about the fact she and Sapphire got into a fight. This offers Ruby something she has never had before: Freedom. Going out on her own without a care in the world and finally making her own decisions. Except there is something more to this episode than just “Ruby becomes a cowboy.”

The episode addresses the fact even when someone is alone and making important choices, it doesn’t mean their mind isn’t somewhere else. It’s hard to let go of someone after they have been a big part of your life for so long and even though you are going about your life it can still weight on you as a person. It plays to a lot of aspects and will help the younger viewers understand doing something important alone doesn’t mean it helps a person forget their troubles entirely. Often your problems can follow you wherever you go. It’s a very adult concept broken down in a very bitesize helping.

Everything leads to an adorable moment fans have been hoping would happen for a very long time. It offers a feel good, heartwarming experience which really plays at the heartstrings. This episode of seems lackluster at first but by the end it has a offers a lot of great moments which will have the fans giddy by the end.