Review: Steven Universe: ‘Steven’s Birthday’ – A real present for fans of Steven x Connie

Summary: Steven has a birthday party at the barn.

Happy Birthday Steven! The little boy is turning 14 but Connie realizes he looks exactly the same in every birthday picture since the age of 8. Worried he will never grow up, Steven uses his Gem powers to change his body and grow taller. Unfortunately, he has a problem staying this size and it wears him down. He strains himself so himself so much he turns into a baby. Got to give the boy credit for willing to try so hard it is actually causing him physical pain.

This episode showcases just how much Steven and Connie mean to one another. It’s a great moment to display just how strong their relationship is and how much they mean to one another. Steven willing to push his limits just to show he can grow to be with Connie and her stating she will not leave his side no matter what. It really tugs on the heartstrings and makes the viewer cheer for them as a couple.


One can only hope this isn’t being done with ulterior motives. As Steven Universe is based on anime, it is a common trope in anime where two characters have a moment of closeness right before a devastating battle or event tears the two of them apart. Hopefully, the creators aren’t going down this path with Steven and Connie but you never know.

Another touching yet low key episode. The creative team is on fire with the string of episodes they have been creating lately. Keep it up!

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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