Monkeys Fighting Robots

The two part Steven Universe episode Reunited ends the week of new episodes. What happens next is intense to say the least.



Steven brings everyone together for Ruby and Sapphire’s wedding.

Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube


A lot happens in this episode. First off, give credit where credit is due because the wedding was delightful, the opening song was charming, and Peridot looked adorable in her dress. With these little details acknowledged and out of the way it’s time to get into the main event.

Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive on the planet to claim the cluster, the world destroying weapon. What follows is an intense battle with the full team of the Crystal Gems coming together to repel two of their most formidable foes who intend to destroy the planet. It’s an exhilarating event to say the least and must be experienced to truly appreciate.

The only downside to the whole thing is Steven (once again) has to pull a new power out of nowhere to save the day. Come on! Yes, it has been revealed he is a diamond and not just a regular gem so having an extremely large powerset seems understandable but it’s becoming a bit much. There really wasn’t another way for him to get through to Blue and Yellow which wasn’t already established? Maybe he could have bubbled them and then talked to them in a dream like he tried to do with the cluster. It’s a small point of negativity but compared with the rest of the positive which came from the episode it is worth noting.

Reunited is one of those endings which makes it feel as if the series could just end here if it wasn’t already confirmed the show will get a sixth season (so stop with the “Steven Universe is ending” videos YouTube). It would be a less than satisfying ending compared to everything which has happened but still it could end. Luckily the show teases at the end their will be more coming and the Diamonds will finally get to see what their handy work did to the planet. Which will hopefully mean some of the broken gems will eventually be fixed.