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SPOILER WARNING (Watch Single Pale Rose at least before reading)


Garnet unfuses and Sapphire runs off.


The first episode of Steven Universe after the earth shattering reveal in the previous episode, Single Pale Rose showcases just how much the creators know their audience. The entire episode seems to answer many of the questions and concerns which came after the reveal about Pink Diamond and her connection to everything. It’s chilling really when you realize the team knew exactly what the audience’s reaction would be.

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The biggest concern which came from the previous episode was the accusation Pink Diamond’s actions were selfish and there were other paths she could have taken in an effort to try and achieve her goals. This episode hammers in the point “No! Pink Diamond did not have any other options except the choice she made.” It also goes out of its way to point out these actions were not nearly as selfish as everyone originally thought and Pink Diamond did have have others in mind when she made her choices. In fact, it was for the good of others she decided to make the hard choice and deceive so many.

There is also a great look into the relationship of Pearl and Rose and how it all began. It really goes to show how why Pearl feels the way she does for Rose and how it was more than duty which kept her along for so long. Instead, it has always been Pearl’s greatest wish to find a way to give someone she admires so greatly the one thing no one else could. It’s an adorable sight to behold.

The tone of the episode keeps the emotional depth running pretty high despite what was just revealed. It’s another great episode of the show. Not as great as the previous episode but it will be very hard to top a SIngle Pale Rose. Of course, never say never when it comes to Steven Universe.