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It’s impossible to talk about this episode of Steven Universe without spoilers. Just so you know you have been warned as you keep reading.


Ruby and Sapphire plan their wedding with the other Crystal Gems.


As everyone’s favorite couple decide to do something special to work towards a fusing back into Garnet, Steven decides to expand the guest list. He goes after a character fans have been wondering about for a while.

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Bismuth is back and she is shocked when she is brought up to speed on everything. Who can blame her? She was the original voice of disapproval to Rose Quartz and the main plan of rebellion. Her main complaint about not wanting to immediately joining the team makes sense. She was basically forgotten. The team didn’t try once to approach her in an effort to persuade her out of her intent to destroy their enemies. Instead, Steven had to release her and present her with the information she was absolutely right. Actually looking at it, is this a failure on the cast or the character of Bismuth?

Speaking about being forgotten it has been awhile since the room containing all of the corrupted gems has been shown. With the revelation Steven is a Diamond and it was the power of the Diamonds which caused so many crystal gems to be corrupted, is there a possibility in the future of them being healed? Of course if they were, this would result in an expansion of the cast and this probably wouldn’t be ideal. A lot of the cast hasn’t been show in a while. It’s been ten episodes since Connie showed up. If they added any more characters Cartoon Network would have to create a spinoff series to accommodate such a feat. Hey, saying it out loud doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

It’s good to see Bismuth isn’t simply going away after being around for just one episode. Hopefully she won’t be going away anytime soon but given the build up to the two part episode, Reunited, there is a chance things won’t be the same by the end of it.