Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Gem Hunt: Tundra Troubles

Steven and Connie track a Gem monster through the wilderness but its tracks lead them to mystery.


From here on as the season enters its last nine episodes it will be very hard not to talk about these episodes without dropping some kind of spoiler so might as well just spoil them so all the details can be addressed properly. Pearl takes Steven and Connie on their first joint mission to look for corrupt Gems. They do end up finding a pair and to properly investigate the group must split up allow the episode to become centered on Steven and Connie.

The experience allows the creators to display what Steven and Connie have learned through their training. Moments like this help to show the characters have grown and stresses he importance of watching every episode to appreciate the journey. This can be hard at times given the lighter and more comical episodes this season but now it pays off.

With only nine episodes left the drama and action are starting to build. Jasper appearance shows she is working to build an army of corrupted Gems. She is obviously trying to defeat the Crystal Gems and make up for the mistakes she’s made in the past. Defeating them would make put her on back in good graces with Homeworld but with any luck Steven and the rest will be able to stop her before something bad happens.

It does feel weird to have Connie talking about conspiracy theories about society collapsing. Still her cool head and preparation does help to balance out Steven’s goofy antics. Hopefully she will be back a few more times this season. Her efforts have shown she needs to be a part of whatever happens in the upcoming season finale. She doesn’t deserve to be absent from battle like she was with the incident with the Cluster.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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