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Snotgirl #11 by Brian Lee O’ Malley and Leslie Hung is out now. Though it’s been five months since issue #10 wrapped up our last arc, the latest issue doesn’t waste any time.

First, let’s dive into the shocker sprung on us at the end of issue #10…specifically, the fact that this issue doesn’t really address it much. It’s always present, but definitely takes a backseat. O’Malley and Hung are setting us up for a slow build as we enter this new phase of the story, and I love how it gradually ratchets the tension.

Still, fans of the series up to this point will find plenty to like with this latest issue. We get some development of the relationship between Lottie and Caroline, while somehow leaving things just as ambiguous as they were before. In fact, thanks to the convenient haze of mushrooms, not even Lottie knows where the two stand. There’s awkward tension between multiple characters, and it’s in all the right places.

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The art is on-point in this new issue. The ink work is stronger that in issues past. I got more expression from the faces, which really helps push the story. The bright, pastel day colors and darker, rouge night tones from colorist Rachael Cohen accent the soft line work.

Snotgirl #11 is a great way to dive back into this story. While some readers might be a little annoyed by the shift of focus away from the broader mystery, I actually appreciate it. We have the chance to reacquaint ourselves with these characters and enjoy the lighter, human drama, which is always surprisingly compelling. If you’re behind on it, this is a great time to catch up.

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review-snotgirl-11-back-actionSnotgirl #11 welcomes readers back into the story with an issue that keeps the larger mysteries on the back burner. Instead, we're focused on the development of relationships between characters, especially between Lottie and Caroline. However, the larger story still comes up, leading to a cliff hanger at the issue's end. It's a strong start to the new story, and it will leave readers primed for the next issue.