Sing 2 aims higher, provides even more lovable characters, and reminds you to believe in yourself.
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Review: SING 2 Unveils Lighthearted Family Affair

Sing 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to the animated spectacle that warmed millions of hearts. Sing 2 aims higher, provides even more lovable characters, and reminds you to believe in yourself. Its humor wasn’t my personal favorite, but children should have a good time with the jokes. Some of the charms from the original aren’t present here, making certain scenes more difficult to sit through. Despite that, Sing 2 is another animated delight that can entertain the entire family.

Having avoided most of the trailers, I can say that Sing 2 didn’t feel ruined or predictable while watching. Musical films have been doing great this year, and Sing 2 joins the list to end the year on a high note. The amount of heart mixed with talented voice work and superb animation makes Sing 2 a great sequel. If a third film happens, it’ll be interesting to see what hit songs will be used next time. Being a crowd-pleaser comes easy when you can generate a sing-along from kids and adults alike.

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Garth Jennings returns to direct this sequel, which much like its predecessor, could be considered a near two-hour compilation of popular songs done by animated animals. Sing 2 is much more than that, it serves a purpose even if children are the ones that will primarily appreciate it the most. In the film, Buster (Matthew McConaughey) and his cast of performers set out to debut a new show in a major city. With a few stumbling blocks in their way, Buster and his team do everything they can to make this grand-scale performance a reality. Buster and the returning characters are all a delight to witness again, and the new additions to their team help push the conflict in pleasant directions.

Scarlett Johanson and several other notable names return in this effective continuation. Aiming higher, the narrative moves to a big city named Redshore. Buster believes his crew can put on a grand show for Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Canavale), a major individual in Redshore. Those plans take a turn for the worst, but Buster’s sneaky tactics don’t completely ruin everything. Sing 2 switches up the formula enough to stand strongly on its own.


Including fresh characters provides a lot of heartwarming moments and a lot of humor. The vocals on display were impressive. Specifically from Taron Egerton who plays Johnny, a gorilla with a dancing fear. Sing 2 accomplishes a lot with this crowded list of characters in less than two hours. Each character has their own struggles and gets developed properly before Buster’s big show.

Everyone delivers in their respective roles. Their delivery in terms of singing, or just bringing these likable animals to life, plays a huge factor in the film’s message getting across. You can feel the issues everyone is dealing with, which makes their eventual triumph more rewarding. There’s an emphasis on believing in yourself when no one else does. An important message for everyone, but Sing 2’s target audience needs to hear it the most. Visually, this animation is vibrant and energetic thanks to the soundtrack played throughout. 


Sing 2 may not be the most necessary sequel to be released this year, but it delivers a satisfying family affair filled with a lot of heart. A decent enough repackage of its predecessor that can be cliched depending on who is watching. The returning voice talent is terrific at making you feel for the animals’ dilemma and their chemistry keeps you invested. If Buster and his crew return for a third outing, perhaps the stakes will get raised even higher. Sing 2 doesn’t stray too far from what made the original special and that’s what keeps it afloat the most.

Eric Trigg
Eric Trigg
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Sing 2 aims higher, provides even more lovable characters, and reminds you to believe in yourself.Review: SING 2 Unveils Lighthearted Family Affair